New York Post:

Police have launched an investigation into a topless photo of Kellyanne Conway’s 16-year-old daughter, Claudia — which the teen says was posted on her mom’s Twitter — and cops paid a visit to the family’s New Jersey mansion Tuesday.

Just before noon, four officers showed up with papers in hand at the Conways’ home in tony Alpine and spent about an hour inside before leaving.

Alpine Police Chief Christopher Belcolle confirmed that a probe was underway.

“An investigation is being conducted. No additional information can be released,” Belcolle said, noting that records regarding juveniles are not made public.

On Monday, Claudia Conway took to her TikTok account to address a topless photo of herself that apparently was tweeted on her mother’s Twitter Fleets — which automatically deletes posts after 24 hours.

Claudia said she believed either her mom “accidentally” posted the pic or her account was hacked.

One thing’s for certain – she didn’t give this bitch this much attention to punish her.

Here’s her daughter explaining that she thinks her mother stole the picture when she took her phone, as something to use against her, and then accidentally uploaded it.

You think Kellyanne Conway looks like a rough rider, then you see her daughter and it’s like “wow.”

Her daughter looks older than she does.

There are some serious road miles on this bitch.

Those aren’t highway miles. This bitch is a roadster.

You see a face like that, you expect to hear them instructing you to meet them at high noon at the OK Corral.

I see that bitch and I’m just, like – STOP, DROP – SHUT ‘EM DOWN, OPEN UP SHOP.

Also: the Conway daughter also could have taken the Conway mother’s phone and done it herself.

But yeah the explanation that the daughter gives, that her mom kept it to use against her and then accidentally uploaded it, makes sense.

I don’t know about this whole “child porn” thing, guys. This situation of giving teenage girls cameras to take nudes of themselves then making it a felony to posses them is actually insane.

It also really trivializes porn that involves actual children. Like the porn that homosexuals make involving toddlers.

If we don’t consider developed teenagers to be “adults,” as people did throughout most of history, there should be a legal term for a physically developed person that is legally under age that isn’t “child.”

Right now, some slut can send you a nude picture of herself on Facebook messenger or Gmail, and the cops can arrest you for receiving the message. Even if you delete it, there is a record of you receiving it, which the cops no longer need a warrant to look at.