If they don’t get their way with the “private companies have a right to conspire to take your rights away” line, they will use civil lawsuits.

It’s what they’re doing to Alex Jones.

You either have free speech or you don’t, and America doesn’t have it. These Jews are going to use all sorts of various tricks.

Remember: Telegram isn’t safe and you need backup communications.


A California court has been asked to force Google to remove Telegram from its Play store, over claims that the messenger app is used to incite violence. The legal challenge mirrors a similar suit brought against Apple.

Filed by Marc Ginsberg, a former US ambassador to Morocco, the lawsuit claims that the popular app is used to spread violence, extremism and anti-Semitism. Ginsberg’s non-profit, Coalition for a Safer Web (CSW), was also listed as a plaintiff.

Yes, this is literally a Jew who runs a group demanding censorship on the internet – who doesn’t even pretend to be doing something else.

It’s not “anti-hate,” it’s just “shut everything down right now, because I’m Jewish and my grandfather was masturbated to death with a lampshade while being forced to climb up an electrified floor by Adolf Hitler.”

And yes: it’s a former Jew who worked for the government directly in a high level position. But this has nothing to do with the government, goy. It’s just all private companies that hate normal white people for literally no reason.

The complaint notes that Google suspended Parler, a Twitter-like conservative microblogging site, from its app store due to some users expressing support for the violence that rocked the Capitol on January 6. According to Ginsberg, Telegram should receive the same treatment.

“Google has not taken any action against Telegram comparable to the action it has taken against Parler to compel Telegram to improve its content moderation policies,” the suit alleges.

Ginsberg and CSW filed a similar complaint last week against Apple, which, like Google, had scrubbed Parler from its app store following the unrest in the capital.

In that suit, the plaintiffs characterize Telegram as “the preferred neo-Nazi/white nationalist communications channel, fanning anti-Semitic and anti-black incitement during the current wave of protests across America.” The lawsuit claims that the app is quickly becoming a breeding ground for extremism as Parler users “migrate” to other apps.

The legal challenges are part of CWS’ stated mission of limiting “extremists’ access to internet infrastructure” and advocating for the “expeditious removal of extremist & terrorist incitement and instruction content from social media platforms.”

Again: I tried to tell everyone in 2017 that if they were allowed to shut me down, there would be all of these precedents, but you know – ancient history.

Parler is right now being thwarted in getting their site back up at the server level – this is embarrassing.

Their next steps are:

  • Getting banned from their registrar
  • Getting banned from DNS
  • Getting pulled from Cloudflare

Probably in that order.

I’m shocked it’s taken them so long to get past the server level. This is really and truly amateur hour. The morons had it on Amazon! Then, when they got kicked off, they took time and money to sue Amazon! That case has already been dismissed, and they’re still down.

Parler might not make it. I thought they were getting big money from the Mercers and they’d get something together. They should have hired professionals, and they shouldn’t have lived in a fantasy world where somehow if you’re a little tiny bit less edgy you’re safe.

It’s all going down.

This is happening now.

Nothing that is dependent on:

  1. The App Store/Play Store
  2. PayPal or credit card processing

is going to be sustainable.

(Cloudflare will also ban people, but they make a big deal of it, because they allow ISIS and pedophiles, so they look absurd banning people for supporting Donald Trump or whatever. I doubt there will be a full round of Cloudflare bannings this time; they will probably just ban Parler specifically. Every time there is a main target, and then some others that just get sucked up with it – it was Alex Jones, then 8chan, now it’s Parler.)

There might be a chance people can weather the storm, one more time, using open source stuff, and Russian and Chinese services. Probably, that’s going to be possible.

However, the Third Shutdown is coming soon.

Then, it will only be Tor that is online at all, and you’ll only be able to use Ricochet to communicate (someone stole the name for Ricochet, so make sure to get the right one).

Remember to get used to using Tor.

Eventually, Brave will get kicked off these stores too, by the way. The tech companies – as I explained in 2017 – are going to start using this as a way to just wipe out competition.