The all-knowing, wisest man and arbiter of reality, Dr. Fauci, says it is common sense to wear two masks instead of one.

Fauci told people in March not to wear masks.

Now he says wear two!

Why? Because it’s common sense, you dumb goy!

What’s next? Put a plastic bag over your head.

You still think these people care about you? You think they have regard for your intelligence; your freedoms? You still want government?

Yeah, okay. I know you probably are aware that Dr. Fauci has been a piece of shit quack since the 1980s. He and Robert Gallo spun the “HIV causes AIDS” hoax and failed to isolate or replicate the HIV virus according to Koch’s postulates. The exact thing these “experts” refuse to do with this virus hoax.

These fucks will reshape this world into a Communist dystopian nightmare via idiot hoaxes like this one. It is all infuriating.

Trust the government, goy! Trust Government Science!

All the while independent experts — experts who aren’t compromised by Jewish money and lobbying influences say differently.

Nonetheless, we’ve reached peak insanity.