There was once a guy with a funny-looking mustache, who rose to prominence and then the rest was history. He was so evil, the history books taught us. He tried to warn us, is all.

Well, you know what they say about history.

As I’ve mentioned on this site many many times, Jews run and control, not only the US Congress, but every single imaginable faction of society.

The more the days, weeks and months unfurl, this reality will be revealed. Whether or not you like this or accept it isn’t going to change the reality.

Millions of American lives are at risk because of this reality. They have told us lies throughout about white hatred and racism when it is they who are devoutly the haters and despisers of we the goyim.

They’ve dominated and controlled the slave trade for thousands of years, yet whites are the ones who get the bad name.

It was these same Jews who got rich off the backs of slaves; the same ones who financed the Revolutionary and Civil War and founded the NAACP.

The Lehman brothers helped finance the Confederate Army, and the Seligman brothers helped finance the Union Army and both brothers lived in Alabama and supplied the plantations with all wants and needs. They even shared the same high rise in NYC which changed names from the J & W Seligman & Company Building to the Lehman Brothers Building.

When I say to people, “Our minds have been Jewed”, I’m almost certain they don’t truly get the essence of what it is I mean.

They literally try to control all sides of the narrative. Never listen to a Jew virtue signaling about Israel’s genocide of Palestinians. It’s a day late and a dollar too short. If they really cared, they would have cared when it truly mattered.

They’ll be screeching the same way when they’ve had their way with the White people, then scream bloody murder of everyone else when they’re left holding the bag. This is who they are!

You see, the funny thing about what I’m saying here is that they don’t hide it. They are actually very open about it; they brag about it.

If you think the corona virus is real, the US election was not rigged and everything I discuss here on this site is more or less conspiracy theories, then your mind has been Jewed, my friend.

These people are not loyal to America — to you and I — neither do they care about us in any redeemable way. We are goyim. Cattle, born and bred to serve them.

Again, every single facet of the US government has been usurped by Jews!

Jəws of the OSS, whch later became the CIA, armed both China’s Red Army and Ho Chi Minh’s Veit Minh Army while working closely with the 85% to 90% of foreigners, who were Jəwish, establishing their Communists regimes.

Don’t put anything past these people, folks. They are the controllers and manipulators of the past, present and future.

Yes, my friends. The CIA is Jewish. Always has been. So too is the DEA.

All those “wars on drugs” in the US, Central and South America in the 1980s, were merely operations used to fund the establishment of Israel in the Middle East.

Allow me to give you a brief insight.

The so called War on Drugs by Richard Nixon 1971 is one of the biggest scams. Believe it or not, the Mexican cartels are only the pawns in this game, as the American and Mexican governments takes most of the profits. Not to mention the Jewish lawyers and private prison industries in the America. It’s like Iran contra all over again, but this time not only the CIA but the whole Deep State profits and they profit Big Time!

As long as the cartels launder their dope monies through the appropriate Jewish banks, they will always be able to buy themselves protection.

It’s as simple as that.

Yes, we are living in what is comparable to Weimar Germany. They are doing now what they did back then, before the man with the funny mustache rose to power to expel them for the 120th time. Their plans are identical to what they were then.

Hiding a planned genocide in plain sight.

We are living in JəwSA. A Communist Bolshevik controlled nation and the nightmare has just begun.