Treating white people like Moslems after 911 to defend podiums, eh?

Even the Daily Beast has to say “hey now…”:

President Biden was sworn into office Wednesday under the shadow of the Jan. 6 insurrection with a pledge to take down the kind of extremists who took over the Capitol. To help lead that effort, he has tapped a distinguished veteran of the War on Terror—an appointment that raises the question of whether the new administration will draw from a disastrous conflict with jihadists to confront a much different threat from far-right terrorists.

Russ Travers spent four decades in the intelligence and security apparatus, rising to become acting head of the National Counterterrorism Center. Former President Donald Trump ousted Travers from that position in March as part of a purge of the intelligence agencies. Travers’ allies say he was ousted for trying to reposition the NCTC, a key creation of the post-9/11 security state, to analyzing domestic terror. They describe him as an energetic and often contrarian figure who has put in the time in recent years to understand a resurgent threat that the post-9/11 counterterrorism apparatus neglected.

Last week, Biden announced that Travers will return to government service, this time as his deputy homeland security adviser. Notably, Travers’ boss, White House Homeland Security Adviser Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall, is a former deputy energy secretary with expertise in nuclear weapons and Russia, not terrorism, teeing up Travers for an important portfolio. “Russ will be an essential leader on DVE [domestic violent extremism] issues,” said a source familiar with his new job, though not the only point person on the issue.

But some worry that it will be natural—indeed, human—for Travers to apply his post-9/11 experience to far-right and white-supremacist terror. That would be a disaster, they warn, both for the Constitution and for success. With debate underway amongst Democrats over new domestic terrorism statutes, the path Biden chooses is likely to define his early tenure as president.

“War-on-terrorism tactics aren’t the solution to our current problems. In many ways, they are a cause of them,” said Michael German, a retired FBI special agent who arrested white supremacists in the 1990s, and who spoke generically and not about Travers particularly.

Travers has marinated in the War on Terror, holding multiple positions in NCTC before becoming its acting director. He’s held other jobs within the office of director of national intelligence, the National Security Council, the Defense Intelligence Agency and the military’s Joint Chiefs of Staff.

It goes on.


Basically, the Daily Beast is the only site that will question this. They’re trying to take some “middle of the road classical liberal” editorial line that I associate with Rolling Stone.

The rest of the media will just not report on this, or say it is good, because whites are the real Islamic terrorists.

After all, Moslems kill the flesh, but white people kill the soul of democracy.

Anyway, yeah, they’re trying to treat all Whites like terrorists now, as predicted, but there are a lot of major problems that actually exist in real life that the Biden administration is going to be facing. It gave itself legitimacy after that podium was endangered during the Capitol Storm, but I don’t think anyone’s mind actually was changed by that event.

Mike Pence can go out there and say “I thought there was election fraud, but then I saw what happened to that podium and I realized Biden really did get 81 million votes and is the single most popular person who ever lived,” but that doesn’t mean that any real American had that experience.

The government granted itself extreme new powers after the Capitol Storm, as if it was the White 911, but they haven’t actually convinced anyone that it was the White 911, other than those who already hated white people and the people who hated white people already hated them as much as anyone can hate anyone else, so their level of hatred didn’t really increase, either.

I think these people are actually pretty disconnected from reality if they think accusing half the country of being terrorists and then brutally cracking down on them is a viable governmental strategy.