Beating someone with a stop sign while screaming “stop racism” is actually the funniest thing I’ve ever seen Antifa do. Except in Sweden, when they attacked gays for marching through an Islamic neighborhood – that will always be the funniest thing they ever did.

I’d actually support a full Mad Max situation at this point.

But as we know, they’re only calling for nonwhites to be above the law. They then want to form their own police forces, and use them against normal white people. I hate any and all forms of injustice, regardless of who it is meted it in and who is meting it out.


Protesters in Tacoma, Washington smashed storefronts and graffitied buildings as they marched to the intersection where a police SUV plowed through a crowd of pedestrians over the weekend.

Irate demonstrators vented their fury on the downtown Tacoma streets on Sunday as it emerged that the Pierce County Force Investigation Team is probing Saturday’s purported police brutality incident, in which two people were hospitalized after being run over by a police vehicle.

The crowd also made its way to Pierce County jail where a number of participants in Saturday night’s alleged street race are being held following their arrest.

“No cops, no prison, total abolition!” the demonstrators chanted.

Windows were shattered, offensive graffiti sprayed over building facades and assorted debris and dumpsters were lit on fire to form a burning barricade in the street, as the stand-off intensified.

Cars allegedly belonging to the local sheriff’s office were smashed, as was a local bondsman’s office. There were no injuries reported from Sunday’s demonstration, which dispersed without incident at approximately 11pm local time according to police.

Police reported that at least three people attempted to gain access to the roof of a building in downtown Tacoma, two of whom were arrested in possession of handguns and knives. The third suspect fled on foot and evaded capture.

Video allegedly from the scene of the street race on Saturday purports to show the police SUV plowing through the crowd and running over at least once person with its rear tyres. The officer behind the wheel, a 58-year-old, 29-year veteran of the force, has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation into the incident.

The Biden People can of course crack down on Antifa at any moment. Despite nonsensical claims by Trump’s FBI and DHS, Biden’s versions of those things could very quickly discover that if you arrested about a dozen people, you could put together a bulletproof RICO case in about 90 seconds.

Of course, if you arrested about a dozen people in key positions, the organization would just totally collapse. It needs funding and organization that is obviously coming from a central source.

But if he cracks down on Antifa while also cracking down on Trump supporters, who exactly is going to be left uncracked and able to support him? Just trannies and affluent white female liberals?

Immigration invasion, economic collapse, rising wave of crime, bizarre foreign wars…

He’s going to be looking at approval ratings lower than those of Nicholas Maduro, probably by a lot.

I guess maybe the point is to create this kind of chaos so the management of the US becomes a job for the United Nations.

Continuing to Accept Apologies

I’m continuing to accept apologies from people who claimed that Antifa would disappear when Biden took office. There is a large overlap between those people and the people who claimed coronavirus would disappear at the same time.

But hey – go find something new to disagree with me about and be proven wrong in a few months.

Or, I guess you could learn something, and just look at what I am saying, analyze the reasoning I am presenting, and follow along with the material, instead of being shameless contrarian morons.

I never make predictions. All I do is lay out why things will happen, explaining there is no way other things could happen if certain criteria are met or not met. I lay this out in very simple terms. If you think you’re smarter than me, why bother reading this site at all?

Breitbart and Mike Cernovich agree with you that coronavirus will disappear when Biden takes office. If you truly just enjoy being wrong, and reveling in it like a dog rolling around in his own shit, go follow them. It will bring lower amounts of shame on your ancestors.