The Jews aren’t really talking about the fact that Kamala Harris’ Jew husband is going to be the first Jew to officially occupy the White House in a few weeks when Joe Biden has to bow out.

You’d think they’d be bragging a lot more about this like they’ve been bragging about just about everything lately with regards to Jews in this administration.

Yeah, it got pretty weird after that.

Kamala’s hubby is going to be the most powerful man in the world, obviously Kamala’s handler, and it’s the reason this whole thing was set up like it was set up, using this guy that’s so old, then putting in the very unpopular Kamala as the VP to take over when he dips.

I think the reason they’re not talking about it is that they were like, trying to pretend Kamala was an “African American” somehow even though she was raised by a single Indian mother IN CANADA, as a practicing Hindu, and the absent negro sperm donor was from Jamaica, as opposed to like, Atlanta or any place in America.

(I’ve read black people – recently – writing about how people from Africa and Haiti and so on shouldn’t be allowed to be called “African Americans,” even if they are pure genetically African and live in America.)

So, I think the “white” husband thing played really badly for the image.

Further, this Jew, soon to rule over all of us even as we’ve heard virtually nothing about him, is apparently really a weird sonovabitch.

New York Post:

We got what the New Radicals promised to give.

The band had pledged to reunite and play its ’90s anthem “You Get What You Give” if Joe Biden was elected president. And the New Radicals made good on their word during the virtual “Parade Across America,” which took place after the inauguration Wednesday.

With lead singer Gregg Alexander rocking his classic bucket hat and introducing the song from Pennsylvania, his band regrouped to sing the 1998 hit — more than 20 years after the group broke up.

The song had heartfelt significance for the new administration. It was a source of inspiration for Biden’s beloved son Beau during his battle with terminal brain cancer — a fight he lost in 2015. The catchy tune also had been used on the campaign trail as the intro music for Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff, the husband of Vice President Kamala Harris.

The piece of shit even wore baggy pants with the pockets on the sides.

How humiliating. I’m sure he needs the money that this is gonna get him on iTunes or whatever, but I’d have been like “bro, I’ll do the prerecorded coronavirus montage song, but I’m lip-synching and I’m wearing normal adult clothing.”

I don’t know, maybe it was fun for him. I’ll tell you this: I was a teenager in the 1990s and I’m not sure there is an amount of money you could pay me to put on 90s clothes and post it on YouTube. (Nah jk, send me 1 BTC and I’ll put on UFOs and one of those Marc Ecko elephant hoodies and sing like, “Black Hole Sun” or something.)

The 90s were a mistake.

I remember this song.

Here’s the original version, if you want to know what it looked and sounded like then.

This is some weird Jew symbolism shit.

Firstly, there’s the name of the band – “New Radicals.”

I think it’s a revenge song, and he views himself as coming for revenge against Christians.

There’s a line about a 14-year-old preforming oral sex, which I guess will interest some people. It also is a song that sounds like he’s talking to other young men. Meaning it would be a gay underage ordeal, but the context is like, “the man is making you s&*k a d%ck, bro – the man sold you out!” (There was a lot of really stupid silly stuff about “the man” and “selling out” in the 90s. I don’t really know what it was about, other than in the context of indie bands signing to major record labels and then making overproduced pop music, which doesn’t really seem to be a huge problem. I guess there were also some old hippies hanging around at the time, though when your parents were the boomers, the single most rebellious generation in human history, it didn’t really make much sense to talk about them as “the man.” But maybe the guys in their 20s that were recording music for teenagers didn’t have boomer parents, and it was their problems being passed down, or maybe the boomers created a Bolshevik style permanent revolution, which is why 15-year-olds are rebelling against millennials by becoming trannies.)

Kamala’s husband is probably planning to masturbate six million of us to death with pedal-powered gassing machines and so on.

By the way, just for the 90s kids: I remember Marilyn Manson went on TRL and talked shit to this guy and said come fight him, even though I think he only got a shout out in the song because it rhymed with “Hanson.” I remember it being kind of a weird thing, since Marilyn Manson wasn’t really considered a sellout or whatever, he kinda just produced bizarre performance art, so to put him alongside Courtney Love and Hanson seemed kinda unfair.

I am, still to this day a die hard Marilyn Manson fan — my all time favorite band — and actually saw Marilyn Manson a few times as a teenager, and you always got what you paid for. I guess people listened to the music, but to me that would be like listening to CATS or the Phantom of the Opera or something – all of Manson’s albums were concept albums designed as part of a stage show with the underlying philosophical themes of Nietszche. It’s very strange to think about all that now, I can tell you this and when I do, I love Marilyn Manson even more. I’m now middle aged, in biblical terms, but anything from the 90s just feels like something out of a dream at this point, like it is so far away from where we are now, that it can’t even really be real.

I’d have had more respect for the Jew if he’d have invited Marilyn Manson to play “Antichrist Superstar.” Oh good heavens! I was listening to this masterpiece yesterday… pure greatness!

Also, I just want to say: Kamala not playing any rap was a real “I actually am not black and do not like black people any more than any Indian person likes black people” move. This bitch told Charlemagne she was blasting 2Pac in 1985. Then she went on a tour doing a fake black accent. The bitch should have pulled up in that black truck blasting “California Love” out the back and waving a gun around a little bit, screaming somethin’ like “y’all muffugguhs gunna regrit yo eva seed mah black azz roll up on yo sheiiiiiiit.”