None of us freaked out and did the yellow jacket girl scream when the senile usurper Joe Biden was inaugurated as 46th President of the United States on Wednesday. However, it should be said that the entire ritual was so utterly surreal, that it is going to take some time to fully process what has just taken place.

There were so many different bizarre elements, beyond the ones that were already involved with the core issue of Joe Biden assuming power, that none of it actually felt real.

The fact that the entire hours-long ritual was focused on condemning the white race was possibly the least jarring of its elements.

Two elements in particular stuck out as being beyond the pale and beyond the Lynchian:

  1. All of the top three Republican officials below Trump – Mike Pence, Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy – took part in the process – with the same jubilance as the Democrats. They were all joyous in their body language and speech, though their facial expressions remained hidden.
  2. The coronavirusization of the process made it seem like something out of a weird nightmare. The streets were all empty, save for the soldiers guarding the Capitol complex against an imaginary “Trump Terror” threat. And they all wore the masks. Having all of these people giving these speeches in masks was incomprehensibly inexplicable. They all wore the masks outside. Joe Biden and his wife wore their masks while sitting alone in a car together.

The marching bands were all wearing masks…

…except the woodwind and brass players.

Flute, trombone, and tuba players, apparently, are incapable of transmitting the virus. They can blow air from their lungs, containing spittle, through these instruments, into the public air space, without risk of transmitting the virus.

Although the mechanics of this dynamic may be a mystery to the average citizen, this must be scientific, as the Biden Administration follows the science. That is why they wear masks outside and alone in cars. They wouldn’t violate the science. Meaning that woodwind and brass players must have some specific form of immunity to the virus, and an inability to transmit it.

From this point forward, I will be carrying a flute in my pocket wherever I go, and when I am asked to put on a mask, I will pull out my flute and start playing it. I will say: “perhaps you’ve mistaken me for a drummer, but I am indeed a flutist.”

I will then be given free passage by the Guardians of the Science.

Flags were placed across the entire mall, to “represent those who were unable to attend,” either because they are potentially infected with a flu virus, or because they are potential MAGA terrorists. Or, perhaps because they are both: flu-infected MAGA terrorists.

It was a very different look than the 2016 inauguration of Donald Trump, which had very little security, and saw protests of the “fiery but mostly peaceful” variety.

It should also be noted that the large pack of bomb sniffing dogs were not required to wear masks, despite the fact that the CDC has warned that they are at risk of contracting the coronavirus.

Presumably, because of the fluidity of species which has been determined by science, this will also mean that furries who identify as dogs will no longer be required to wear masks.

I will say that I am disturbed by the fact that only CIS species dogs were used as bomb sniffing dogs at the inauguration, as I think this demonstrates a clear bias against dogs who were born as humans. It showed a lack of inclusivity, and I hope that at future Biden events, transdogs will be involved in bomb-sniffing activities.

Some women have penises. Some dogs have opposable thumbs.

Reality has Collapsed.

We could not go further into lies. We are now living in an actual bizarro world, that is not even remotely connected to actual reality. Many seem to see this as well.

Joe Biden is not president. Coronavirus is the flu. Marijuana is not harmless. Masturbating is not healthy. Ramming your penis into another man’s anus is not an expression of love. Chinese treatment of Moslems has no affect on your life. There is no secret skin-hating conspiracy to oppress black people. Black people are not more intelligent or morally superior to white people. Citizenship and nationality are not the same thing. A woman cannot in any case, ever, have a penis.

Regardless, This is Happening. Here’s What You Can Do to Protect Yourself.

Joe Biden has been inaugurated. Garth Brooks performed at the “virtual event.”

He then shook hands with Joe Biden.

But George W. Bush – he got a hug.

You woke up this morning, and you are still the person you were yesterday morning, when Donald Trump was still serving as president.

Your life is going to continue. The sun has risen. It will set again tonight. The tides of the ocean will continue on as before.

But your life is probably going to get a lot harder, and that might happen quickly. There is a very big difference between what the Democrats felt when Trump was inaugurated, and what we are looking at now. Trump being president did not in any way affect the personal lives of Democrats.

We are looking at:

  • An extreme upping of the ante on the coronavirus lockdowns, intended to finish off the middle class and fully concentrate wealth in the hands of a tiny elite minority
  • A vague declaration of anyone who opposes the presidency of Joe Biden as a potential terrorist, who will be treated like a potential terrorist
  • Ongoing mass arrests
  • Mass vaccination, punishment for those who are not vaccinated, and potential attempts at forced vaccination
  • Various forms of racial wealth transfer, aimed at moving the property and other holdings of white people to black and brown people
  • An even more extreme lockdown of the internet, targeting not only publishing, but also the interpersonal communications of persons deemed to be bad or evil by the state. This includes ISPs refusing service to certain people
  • An even more extreme opening up of the borders (this will primarily affect the working class directly, who have their neighborhoods transformed and destroyed, but it is increasingly affecting the middle class)
  • A program to remove police protections from white people, and a decriminalization of violence by nonwhites against whites
  • Various forms of revenge against people who supported Trump, including firings from jobs, expulsions from schools, social ostracization and varying degrees of physical violence against both property and person
  • Giving citizenship to tens of millions of illegal immigrants, which will ensure that even if future elections were fair, it will be impossible for a Republican to ever win another presidential election
  • Restrictions on the Second Amendment, which will begin with buybacks, and then escalate to raids
  • Various foreign wars
  • etc.

These are the realities. We have to accept that these are the realities and we have to deal with them. The possibilities with regards what is to come are endless.

Protecting Yourself and Your People

The first and foremost thing you must do is protect yourself and your people as much as you can, in order to mitigate the negative effects of this new world we have entered into.

There are many things that I have already spoken of at length, which I spoke of frankly during the spring, with the incoming of the coronavirus program of destruction.

You should not live in a city. You should be careful about your communications. You should stay away from dangerous people of all sorts, including ones who appear to be on your team. Just be careful of the people you talk to and have exchanges with.

Get as far away from this stuff as you can. Get away from the homosexuals, the immigrants, the Jews, the crazy women, the coronavirus cult. These people are just terrible to be around and won’t hesitate to throw you under the bus.

The option that I have presented for the average American man is to move to a home outside of the city, between a 30 and a 70 minute drive from the center of the city, where there is more space. This will protect you. If you can move from a blue state into a red one, all the better. We need to start building enclaves.

Seventy-five million people voted for Donald Trump because they do not want to partake of the sins of this Beast. We need to line ourselves up with those sorts of people, exclusively, and make ourselves as clean as possible.

Stay quiet around the believers in the system if you must be around them. Smile and nod. Do not argue with them. Do not make yourself a target. Mark them. Avoid them.

Clean up your internet trail. Use Signal. Delete Discord. Delete Facebook. Delete WhatsApp.

These people who seized power through their coup are already forming tribunals, and these digital communications will be used against you. Get around people, physically, who share your values, and meet with them, physically, as often as you can.

If you’re white, meet with white, Christian people. Blacks and browns cannot be trusted. Most are your enemies.

Take Care of Yourself


Watch yourself and take care of yourself:

  • Sleep as much as possible
  • Wake up every morning and shave, put on clean, respectable clothing
  • Eat well
  • Go to the gym, or figure out a way to work out outside of the gym
  • Don’t drink too much
  • Do things you enjoy as much as you can – go outside, hike, swim, rock climb, hunt, fish, do gardening, build a shed, refinish the cabinets, play video games (not TOO MUCH), read books you like
  • Make babies
  • Tell the truth
  • Don’t tell the cops anything
  • Pray

Life is short and it is happening now, regardless of its context. Right now, as you sit there reading this, no one has kicked in your door yet. Don’t worry about the future, even as you plan for it.

Be the Best Man You Can Be

Along with taking care of yourself, be someone that you would look up to. Be brave. Be honest. Be strong. Keep your chin up. Work hard and be proud of the things you accomplish.

Please: watch movies featuring:

  • John Wayne
  • Clint Eastwood
  • Sean Connery
  • Charles Bronson

When men were men.

And understand that this is what a man should be.

You should not be weeping, talking about your emotions, expressing emotions publicly. A man should, in his ideal form which is made in the image of masculinity, give the appearance of being without weakness. All of this “men should talk about their feelings” nonsense was created by Jews to harm men.

Men spent all of recorded history and before not going around talking about their feelings. There were no problems. Jewish psychologists came up with this whole idea of “getting in touch with your feelings.” Most of your feelings should be actively suppressed. Just as your immune system is designed to suppress germs, your psyche is designed to suppress anger, fear, sexual infatuation, and other such emotions. Claiming that men should cry, or express their anger more – this is like claiming that men should vomit and have diarrhea more. Saying that men should “work through their feelings” is like saying they should pick through their vomit and feces. It is all a vile attack on the nature of a man, which is to be strong. We are imperfect copies of the Uber mensch, and though we will never in this life become perfected, we should strive to become closer to that perfection.

We will feel anger, and sadness, and we will feel emotions towards women, guaranteed, but “embracing and understanding” these emotions is the opposite of the correct advice. Again: it is like “embracing and understanding” your vomit and feces.

If you need to talk about things that you feel – and this will happen to you, as it happens to every man at some point (except perhaps John Wayne), you should go to another man whom you trust implicitly. A close friend from childhood (or a particularly special one you’ve made as an adult over a period of years), your father (maybe), your brother or cousin.

They used to say “boys don’t cry.” Now they say, “there’s no shame in a boy crying.” There is obviously shame in a boy crying, which is why they feel shame, naturally, when they cry, because a boy is a small man, and there is no point at which a man should cry.

Furthermore: there is a new pattern of portraying anger as somehow masculine. It isn’t. Anger is a feminine emotion, as it is the epitome of the loss of self-control. Deal with anger as you would fear or despair: let it pass through you, let your spirit conquer it, as your physical immune system conquers germs.

The expression or indulgence in emotion is toxic.

Speak directly, be assertive. Don’t harass people about Jews. If they ask you what you think, tell them, unless telling them would have some notably negative consequence, in which case, just shrug. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Communicate with words and body language, not with emotions.

You are going to need all of this, because this ride is about to get rough.


The final and perhaps most obvious thing that we can do, and which we must do, is fight this system.

The way forward on that is not something to be discussed today, but fighting against this evil is required of us.

But that fight is only possible when you have first taken care of yourself, and straightened yourself up. I know that many of you have already been doing that. You’ve been losing weight, gaining muscle, eating right, sleeping right, keeping clean, refusing to let women manipulate you.

You’re going to mess up. We all mess up. Don’t be too hard on yourself, but be hard enough on yourself.

We are not perfect, but we cannot rely on unrepentant fat anti-social weirdos, slobs, chronically masturbating perverts, or dudes who act like faggots out to fight against the enemy.

A key reminder: The further you are from these filthy people, the less you will desire to do filthy deeds. Evil communication corrupts good manners.

Work to protect yourself, better yourself, strengthen yourself, as you resist. These things all begin to feed into each other, as you embrace the spirit of the Masculine that is in you, that thing that animates the matter of your body which should otherwise be as dirt. That thing which has brought order and maintains it with logic, reason and competence.

So, get up every day, and make the right choices.

This is the only thing any of us can do.