The reason that the US government has proven incapable of regulating Facebook is that the US government is literally a lobbying group employed by Facebook and Google.


The U.S. government has asked Australia to scrap proposed laws that will make it the first country in the world to force Facebook Inc and Alphabet Inc’s Google to pay for news sourced from local media outlets.

In a submission asking the government to “suspend” the plans, assistant U.S. trade representatives Daniel Bahar and Karl Ehlers, suggested Australia instead “further study the markets, and if appropriate, develop a voluntary code.”

Under the law, which has broad political support and is currently before a senate committee, Google and Facebook will be subject to mandatory price arbitration if a commercial agreement on payments to Australian media cannot be reached.

“The U.S. Government is concerned that an attempt, through legislation, to regulate the competitive positions of specific players … to the clear detriment of two U.S. firms, may result in harmful outcomes,” said in the document, under the letterhead of the Executive Office of the President.

Yes, the US government is lobbying for Facebook and Google because they’re concerned about competition in free markets.

It all makes sense now.

Such a move could also “raise concerns with respect to Australia’s international trade obligations,” it said.

The Australian government announced the legislation last month after an investigation found the tech giants held too much market power in the media industry, a situation it said posed a potential threat to a well-functioning democracy.

Asked for a response to the U.S. submission, Australian Treasurer Josh Frydenberg said in a statement the government “is committed to proceeding with a mandatory code” that would address “the bargaining power imbalances with digital platforms and media companies.”

Somehow, I don’t expect that Australian Treasurer Mr. Frydenberg is going to make a serious effort to regulate the business endeavors of Facebook’s Mr. Zuckerberg and Google’s Mr. Brin and Mr. Page. (To anyone just tuning in, all of these people are Jewish, because everything on earth is controlled by Jews.)

It is absolutely absurd that the US government claims that it has no ability to regulate big tech, while it is also playing lobbyist for them internationally. It is almost as absurd as claiming that regulating these monopolies would threaten free market competition.

Everything is just so darn silly these days, I’ll tell ya.