Donald Trump, who is still president for a few more hours, gave a farewell address on Tuesday.

It wasn’t memorable.

He touted various achievements, most of which were actually imaginary, or don’t really matter at all. Trump’s real achievements were in changing the culture. Also, he cut immigration down to less than half of what it was when he came in.

But that will all be very easily reversed. Joe Biden has said that amnesty and increasing immigration from everywhere is his top priority, second only to locking us all in our houses and making us wear masks all the time, including during sex and while making coffee in the morning, possibly even while sleeping and in the shower.

If the news said: “Joe Biden has ordered that ever American have a camera installed in their shower to ensure compliance with a new regulation that says you have to wear a mask in the shower,” I wouldn’t even blink.

Our hope is that the hope that Donald Trump inspired in people, which is the one thing that was truly real, can now be used to forward a movement of state secession. That is the only hope, actually. I have worked this all through in my brain, and the only possible scenario that doesn’t end in a bloodbath is state secession.

It’s not a likely scenario. Statistically, we’re going to end up with a bloodbath, which will follow a complete and total breakdown of the most basic social agreements.

It’s really just all highly unfortunate.

I could never hate Trump. He did do something incredible, but this ending is shameful. My hope is that it will just be quickly forgotten, and I think that’s a pretty hopeful thing. There’s a possibility that he will actually be arrested later this week. History will remember the riot, and then the arrest or whatever other wacky thing happens after he is out of office – not these two sad weeks between the riot and the exit.

I just want everyone to remember, and to focus: the goal here is secession. That is the goal because it is the single possible goal that is attainable, regardless of the likelihood of it actually happening. It is within the realm of possibility.

Nothing else exists in the realm of possibility, that we are able to actively work for.

You can’t have elections after a fake election, and even a real election wouldn’t be possible after Biden does amnesty.

Why is this on the frontpage of the NYT?