The FBI is using cellphone data to track everyone who was at the Capitol on January 6, and is just randomly showing up at their houses to question them.

It’s probably going to take a while for them to get to everyone, and there might be some they can’t figure out, but they are using a system where if your cellphone pinged a tower or wifi near the Capitol on that day, they consider you a suspect in an “insurrection.”


If you were anywhere near the Capitol on Jan. 6, you may be getting a knock on your door from the FBI.

A D.C. woman said an agent visited her neighbor and called her, telling them investigators were tracking people whose cell phones connected to wi-fi or pinged cell phone towers near the Capitol during the riots.

“They don’t call first, they just come to your house,” Bree Stevens, a legal investigator who lives near Capitol Hill, said.

Stevens said an FBI agent told her they were reaching out to every single person whose cell phone put them near the Capitol during the riots.

She was out for a walk with a friend and his two young daughters on the afternoon of Jan. 6, but they were diverted by bomb scares until they ended up right next to the insurrection. Adults and kids were cordoned off and unable to get back to their apartments for four hours.

“You don’t want to be anywhere where they’re going to go!” she said on a video she shot while police officers in riot gear quick-stepped toward the Capitol.

This is obviously a new, insane sort of police state abuse, but hey – gotta protect those podiums.

It’s just like that old cellphone spy meme.

These cellphones were always obviously a major security risk, but it’s now at the point where it’s just not even viable to own one at all if you don’t want the FBI tracking your every move and using it against you.

They were always tracking your every move, but they weren’t generally able to use it against people on a mass scale like this.

So, you should probably consider getting rid of your phone.

This is sort of thing is going to be used to enforce the coronavirus lunacy as well, very soon.

We are living in a pathocracy.