There’s a first time for everything, as they say, but I never expected to see a Jew rabbi dropping hardcore redpills like this.

Israel Hayom:

A popular rabbi urged his followers not to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, warning them that doing so, it might “turn them” into homosexuals. 

Asor, who has tens of thousands of followers on social media, is no stranger to controversy. In his latest online sermons, he argued that “any vaccine made using an embryonic substrate, and we have evidence of this, causes opposite tendencies. Vaccines are taken from an embryonic substrate, and they did that here, too, so … it can cause opposite tendencies.”

In addition to purporting a false link between vaccines and homosexuality, Assur also advocates various conspiracy theories about the coronavirus, claiming, among other things, that both the virus and the vaccines are the work of a “global malicious government,” comprising the Freemasons, the Illuminati, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and others, who are “trying to establish a new world order.”

He further argues that the virus was released to “cull global population” and that the vaccines seek to further this agenda.

Asor calls the World Health Organization and pharma giants Pfizer and Moderna “criminal organizations” that have deliberately mislead ultra-Orthodox leaders into supporting vaccination drives by presenting them with false data on its components and efficiency.

Further spinning his conspiracy theory, Asor claims that the US Federal Emergency Management Agency, a Department of Homeland Security that has joined forces with Israel’s National Emergency Authority to battle the pandemic, maintains a “brutal army” in Israel that will be secretly embedded with local law enforcement to further the global government’s nefarious agenda.

Responding to Asor’s assertion that the vaccine could change one’s sexual orientation, Havruta, an organization that acts to promote tolerance and acceptance of LGBTQ people in Haredi society, said it was “currently gearing up to welcome our impending new members.”

This guy is basically just plagiarizing my material, frankly.

Imagine it – a Jew ripping someone off.

But seriously though – I’ve never made the specific claim that the coronavirus vaccine is going to make a nigga be a gay nigga.

I mean, I would be less than shocked if in December I saw a headline in The Guardian that read: “The Coronavirus Vaccine Appears to Have a Positive Side Effect: Making Men More Open About Experimenting with Their Sexuality.”

But that is not a specific claim I’ve ever heard. (I do, however, endorse it.)

What I have said is this:

  1. This vaccine is an experimental gene therapy, injecting you with synthetic RNA that gives instructions to cells to behave in a specific way, and
  2. The government and media are obsessed with giving this vaccine to everyone on earth

Those two things are just admitted facts.

And when you take into account that the government has never, ever cared about our health, the coronavirus is an absolute hoax (it’s a real virus, but it is literally a strand of the flu), and that they don’t appear to be really making any money off of this vaccine, in general (the pharmaceutical companies are obviously, but like, a lot of these doses are just being given away, and the government spent hundreds of billions developing it), you can come up with a whole lot of disturbing reasons why they are pushing this on people.

I frankly don’t know. I really just don’t know. It is so widely distributed, and analyzed by so many people, that if there was some actual plan for it to make people stupid, or make people gay, or just more passive, or whatever, it seems to me someone would have said something about that. Even if it just slipped out, real quick, and was then denounced, that would be something, but that has not happened.

So, my theories are these:

  • There are different versions of the vaccine being distributed to different populations (that is admitted insofar as the different companies are making different vaccines, something which has never been explained)
  • It’s a police state crackdown measure, where people are going to have to have identifiers showing that they got the vaccine, which will be connected to biometric face scans and eventually implanted computer chips
  • This is a plan to get people used to getting regular vaccines, and future vaccines, using this RNA delivery mechanism they’ve developed, will be used to alter people’s DNA in different, weirder ways

And obviously, I have other theories, that I’ve gone on about on this site.

But what I want to say is: these are theories.

I don’t have evidence of this.

I want to be very clear about this: I am not a “conspiracy theorist” in the general sense that this term is used. Typically, people who are called “conspiracy theorists” make definitive claims about theories, like when David Icke says “David Rothschild IS a reptoid who drinks baby blood.”

I’m saying: I don’t know, but I’ve got some guesses.

(To be fair, the rabbi above also used the word “might.” Although that stuff he’s saying about stem cells, I don’t really know about. For anyone who cares, he appears to be talking about something called “mechanotransduction,” and claiming that stem cells are going to somehow reverse the electrochemical impulses of the brain, which he is taking to mean will make you gay. I think he came up with this theory himself, though it could be from some weird Jewish conspiracy theory website. I’ve been to a lot of weird Jewish conspiracy theory websites in my day. I used to think they were like, putting out disinformation to confuse people, and then I finally decided that, at least with a lot of them, Jews are just really weird and they come up with really weird ideas, just because their brains process information a lot differently than normal goyim brains.)

And that is about all we can do at this point.

What is going on with this coronavirus vaccine makes no apparent sense.

They’re saying it’s not going to end the lockdown and it probably won’t even work, and it doesn’t really even matter, because there are going to be all these new strains the vaccine won’t protect against anyway – that is just like, what the mainstream media is saying.

But I will tell you this:

As science fictiony as it sounds, it does not seem at all outrageous to me that during this time of extreme change, when we are seeing rising unrest among peasant populations across the planet, that they would come up with a scheme to inject people with a chemical designed to pacify them in some way.

Really, they’re already doing that: they are basically decriminalizing opioids across the Western world and they’re doing it for the same stated reason: because they care about our health.

They’re also legalizing marijuana everywhere.

So, you can some up with whatever theories you want, or you can just believe that the government loves you and really cares about your health.

The fact is: something very strange is going on with this vaccine.

As Far as “BASED Jews”

I should probably comment on the fact that this Jew is promoting talking points that sound pretty good, because I’m sure that confuses some people.

Some people on the internet have argued that there are “two factions competing for power within Judaism.” What you will inevitably notice about these people is that they are morons. Not naming any names here, but the theory is stupid, and all of the “evidence” they present for it is dumb, and it appears to just be an angle that certain people push to get hits on YouTube by promoting a novel take on intrigue.

These are the “two factions” within Judaism:

  1. The members of the Jewish conspiracy, attempting to establish a global New World Order system
  2. “Normal” Jews

I put “normal” in quotation marks, because it’s not like they’re normal people. They’re crooks, liars, sexual perverts and general scam artists. None of them work. They run all kinds of criminal schemes across the planet.

BUT – they’re not directly involved in some lunatic plot to create a world government and enslave everyone in a science fiction nightmare world.

There is also going to be a lot of conflict in Israel when this whole “Greater Israel” thing starts coming together, and Israel stops being an ethnically pure Jewish state, but that is a separate issue.

What there is not is some internal war between two super-powerful groups of Jewish elite. There is one super-powerful group of Jewish elite, and then there is another, much larger, group of Jews who just want to sell diamonds, run slum apartment complexes and have sex with children, and don’t have a plan for “world domination,” and in fact, might feel that a world domination plan infringes on them and their schemes.

The problem is: every single “normal” Jew will side with the lunatic conspiracy Jews before they will side with you or any other non-Jew.