We now have in the West an entire class of childless women who are past the age of attractiveness or healthy childbearing who spend their lives attacking white men, all of whom they view as stand-ins for their fathers. You see, little children view their father as a godlike entity. For boys, this goes away sometime around puberty, and as you age, any anger you have toward your father for not living up to his role as a godlike deity dissipates as you start to be able to grasp what he was going through, and say, “yeah, he was dealing with some shit for sure, I can feel that.” Female humans never really grow into adults, they just grow tits. They are also completely self-centered and believe the universe revolves around them. So, the woman never passes the exits of development wherein she views her father as the prime deity of her universe. Thus, it is her father’s fault that she is so unhappy and that is the primary characteristic of these women, aside from viciousness: deep, bitter, angry unhappiness. Every white man is her father, they all deserve to suffer, to be humiliated, to be crushed. After all, a real god would have made her happy.

These childless women are the absolute epitome of “worthless human beings,” in that the purpose of a woman is to produce children and everything else that they do was simply tolerated throughout history, because they had that ability. Incubators. Nothing more!

Women who forgo that responsibility because they want to “focus on education and career” (code for “have fun running around using sexuality to exploit, manipulate and control men. chasing after “infinite happiness”) cannot possibly, in any universe, produce more than they consume. The only way a woman was ever able to produce more than she consumed was by having sex for money, whether it was through marriage or via prostitution, and these women are too old for that.

I call these women the “Cunt Class.”

Because of the abject failure that was the millennial generation, the Cunt Class now makes up the overwhelming majority of the white Western women in the age range of 27 to 39. As the rest of millennial women pass into the “post-attractive” phase of their life, which on average begins at 27, they will make up an even larger percentage of the general population, and become even more of a problem. (Women who are under the age of 27 don’t have the bitterness yet, because a significant number of men still treat them like princesses. They can act like bitches, of course, and they do, but the metastasizing bitchiness turns to toxic and dangerous vitriol only after they begin to realize that the magic powers they’ve had since those titties popped up is rapidly dissipating).

During the years before women lose these powers, their mission, determined by their biology, is to find the most fitting man available and procreate with him. In nature, where she was evolved to exist, this would lead to pregnancy, and abortion was virtually impossible. In this current environment, sex does not lead to pregnancy. She is taking pills to avoid that, and there is totally normalized abortion if the pills don’t work. The woman’s evolutionary biology did not know that it would someday be in a situation where it would need to give an incentive to actually produce children. That is what the sex instinct is for. The hardwired biological drives are still saying, “yes, he has an acceptable combination of confidence, height, physical strength, healthy bone structure and high social statuses – we will take his seed into us! We shall moisten the pathway for the injection, posthaste! Proceed with the insemination act!”

When it doesn’t work, the body assumes that the man’s seed must be bad. Understand, this is where sluttery comes from: the woman’s body tells her that the man she didn’t produce children with must be infertile. The woman is directed then by her primal urges to find another man who meets the criteria, and go to bed with him, but the female human body’s singular atavistic goal is then unattainable. The introduction of the pill and abortion effectively broke human biology. These sluts are like pet gerbils who wake up every morning and attempt to dig through the bottom of the enclosure. They are broken vessels.

The psyche is now completely shattered, and we are only now finding out what becomes of these women. Using drugs, medical procedures and stringent social norms imposed by the ruling class to prevent an entire generation of women from successfully reproducing was a bizarre experiment. Someone at any point could have said, “this could lead to negative consequences,” and some people did, but no one knew what exactly those consequences would be. It’s not clear that very many people were thinking about this. The boomer generation was incredibly selfish, and the first generation to put their own supposed “happiness” above protecting and successfully raising their children. They in fact encouraged their daughters to go to college and get jobs, and apparently didn’t even consider that this would mean their fertility would be sacrificed on the altar of progress.

It’s possible that people looked at historical examples of women who had not had children, either due to infertility or very specific circumstances, and thought it would just all work out. However, historically, women who made it to thirty without children were an extreme abnormality. That means that they were required by social norms to fit in with the rest of society. The Cunt Class makes up more than half of white women in the stated age range. (The precise numbers are not known, but a very good Pew study from May of last year found that only 55% of millennial women have had a child, the millennial generation is only 54% white, and whites are significantly less likely to have kids than the other races. I would add that single mothers are effectively “childless women +1” in that they maintain most of the same positions of childless women, for a number of different reasons). These women are now creating their own brand new culture.

All of these women are virtually identical. They are aggressive, abrasive, rude, childlike, entitled, disrespectful, belligerent and utterly inane. If you’ve met one, you’ve met them all, as it were. They repeat the same slogans and have all of the same opinions, more than any other class in society. This is because they all have the same defining characteristics: they are angry and unhappy, and they don’t really know why, but the obvious reason for it, seen by any impartial observer, is that they have not fulfilled their biological purpose of being a wife and a mother, and they blame their father for that unhappiness. All men are judged by their potential similarity not only to their own fathers, but also to the archetypal figure of the father. Donald Trump is the epitome of a “patriarch.” He is the ultimate stand-in for their fathers. In their minds, everyone who sides with Donald Trump is on team “bad daddy.” (“Nazi” means “authority” which means “daddy.”)

What’s more, they seek out the positions that white men in general hold, and they take the opposite position. It is a strategy of simple destruction. Their only desire is to hurt white men, by any means necessary. Incredibly, by simply taking the positions opposite of those of white men, they often take positions which also bring them personal advantages, at least in the short term. However, they will take the position against white men even if it doesn’t benefit them.

These are some of their positions:

  • They support unfettered mass immigration. This will lead to white men being overwhelmed and eventually wiped out completely. It also provides them with increased sexual options, given that white women get sexual bonus points among nonwhite men, which can, in some part, serve as a counterbalance to their age. It is primarily satisfying the woman’s insatiable need and desire for attention.
  • They support socialism. Socialism necessarily targets the productive class to have their wealth redistributed. The productive class is white men. They also need that money themselves. (A woman’s healthcare is incredibly expensive).z
  • They support education and hiring discrimination. They want to deprive men of what society naturally owes them. Like socialism, affirmative action is a direct attack on the most basic element of the social contract. Obviously, without affirmative action programs, most women would not have jobs which pay anything approaching what men are paid.
  • They support the destruction of freedom. Naturally, white men are the people who created the concept of freedom, and they are the ones who are able to use it to accomplish their goals effectively. Women have no use for freedom, and they prefer rules.
  • They support racial minorities. The havoc we see the blacks wreaking is fully supported by the Cunt Class. They appear to simply enjoy the violence and destruction. In all of these videos, they are found howling with glee as the blacks destroy. It is difficult to imagine a way in which this benefits them, as the environment they live in is being destroyed and made dangerous to everyone, including them. This appears to be a situation where they support an agenda only to hurt white men.
  • They support weird environmental nonsense. Although these cunts have probably never in their lives been outside of a city, they aggressively support weird agendas associated with environmentalism. This also seems to be purely an attack on white men. It is probably also a situation where they stand with the state for the sake of standing with the state.
  • They support feminism. Used up old women without children appear to want to inflict this status on younger women, so they aggressively support teenage girls being fed into the meat grinder. By feeding these women into the meat grinder, they also prevent white men from making them into wives. This causes white men more suffering and also nullifies their own sexual competition.

The rest of the positions are all in line with these positions. Again: whatever hurts white men, above all else.


There is no solution to this problem.

Even if you controlled the state, there would be nothing to do with these women. In an ideal world, they would be euthanized. They are “useless eaters.” As we’ve recently seen in Belarus, which is an authoritarian state, these women will go out on the streets to attack the bad daddy. I’m certain they support every other destructive position there as well.

The best thing our society could do is prevent more of them from being created.

But how?

There is no value in the “trad thot” phenomenon, as it presupposes you can use logic to convince a woman of some line of reasoning, such as “you will be happier if you have kids.” Women are immune to logic and reason, which is why their bodies are programmed with the sex urge. We recently saw that the alleged trad thot Tomi Lahren is experiencing a total freakout as she leaves the age of sexual attractiveness and enters the age of cuntiness.

If using reason is impossible, then the only way to get them to get married and have children is to use force or manipulation. By the order of nature, there is nothing “immoral” about kidnapping women and putting them into sexual slavery for the purpose of producing children, but that is illegal.

Thus, your option is to use manipulation and deceit. You can have sex with a fertile woman aged 22 or younger. This takes some doing in its own right, but most men who are fit and on the ball can still pull it off, even in this culture. You cannot attempt to convince her to marry and have children, however. She will never agree to it. So, logically, you would attempt to take her birth control pills away from her, possibly by replacing them with placebos, if you can manage that. You could also try claiming that you are infertile, and tell her that you think the pills are causing bloating, which is making her look fat. Show her some news item about how the pills cause bloating, and then tell her you’re infertile. When she comes to you and says her period is late, tell her it’s because she stopped taking the pills recently, her period is still “getting regulated.” Or some other thing. The longer she is pregnant, the more emotional difficulty she is going to have in killing the child. So, it’s about biding time, and isolating her. (In general, in any relationship, you want to isolate the girl as much as possible and make her feel that she will die without you).

Use any means at your disposal to prevent the abortion. If she has a Christian background, this is much easier. You can use the family against her in many ways. You can tell her you will tell the parents if she has an abortion. You can also tell the parents she is pregnant and thinking about an abortion. You can also threaten to tell all her friends on Facebook if she has an abortion (it is still considered dirty, after all of these years of propaganda). You might also be able to find young women who have babies to talk to her. Maybe, you can just play it cool all the way through, and say, “don’t worry, baby”, but I would be ready to do every possible Hail Mary, even if it’s going well.

The most important thing in dealing with women is this: never be emotionally committed. After 3 decades of marriage, never commit yourself to her emotionally. Always be ready to walk away. Never, ever, ever, never-ever let her think you need her. That spells complete doom. Don’t need her. View her only as something that exists to serve your purposes, like any other tool.

Whites are facing extinction, and the Cunt Class is on the front lines of the war against white men. By forming families, white men not only fight back against the agenda of the Cunt Class, but lessen their numbers.