Hello, Sir.

Yes, Dr. I-Told-You-So is ready to see you now.


Messaging app Telegram said it has suspended multiple channels breaking its rules against hate speech. The service recently reported an explosive growth in its user base as competitors in the US ramped up deplatforming.

The accounts, which TechCrunch described as part of “an organized network of neo-Nazi and white supremacist accounts” have been suspended for making public calls for violence, Telegram said. “In the past 24 hours we have blocked dozens of public channels that published calls to violence for thousands of subscribers,” spokesperson Mike Ravdonikas told the news website.

NBC News counted“at least 15 extremist” channels purged by the platform, some of which existed as early as in June and shared materials like manuals on bomb making.

Telegram spokesperson Ravdonikas tacitly acknowledged that the purges in the US did affect Telegram’s moderation policies, calling the suspensions part of a new expanding enforcement action. Targeted channels previously promoted white supremacy, Nazi iconography and other forms of right-wing extremism.

Yeah, they always say that crap.

Bomb making, planning attacks, neo-Nazi terrorist groups, blah blah blah.

This is a MAGA purge, period.

I also want to note that everyone is promoting Telegram. Nick and Ralph and everyone else is on that; they don’t really ban people. But they did ban ISIS, which probably means that they will ban the right wing. (Because in case it hasn’t sunk in yet, let me just tell you: that is what is happening right now. The right-wing is now being put on the level of ISIS, because someone stole a podium.)

Telegraph also hasn’t been threatened with an app store ban yet. In fact, they haven’t really gotten any heat. I don’t expect Telegram to hold really at all, but I should mention that people are promoting that, and all our friends are still on there.

I get that everyone is telling everyone to go to Telegram, because it’s not banning people yet, but they banned ISIS which means they are going to ban MAGA. Anything that bans terrorists is eventually going to ban MAGA, because we are currently witnessing MAGA be classified as a domestic terrorist group. So, whatever. Follow people on Telegram if you want, but keep your personal information off of it and don’t expect it to not just ban everyone in the near future. The only reason it hasn’t done that already is that the CIA is using it to try to overthrow the governments of Belarus, Iran, etc.

I never trusted Telegram founder Pavel Durov, because when he was going balls to the wall against censorship, he was doing it in support of people attacking Russia and Iran, two enemies of the United States. “Free speech” gets promoted in every country the United States is against.

I heard people saying – and I’m not going to name names, even though I probably should – that “Telegram has stood up against two governments, Iran and Russia, so I’m sure they’re gonna stand up against the US government” and I was like “wait, what?”

Dear all MAGA people, Q people, patriots, infowarriors, whoever you are:


There is only one way forward here, and it is all kinds of weird shit that you’ve never heard of before. It is building secret websites, and secret platforms, it is using insane levels of security, it is pure cryptocurrency, it is backing everything up on the Darkweb.

That is the only way anyone is getting out of anything.

But you need to do it and you need to do it quickly. You need to figure it out.

No piece of Western infrastructure is going to hold. If they haven’t banned you yet, it’s just because they haven’t banned you yet, because they don’t want you all banned at the same time so you don’t all get together and figure something out.

Assume Gab is gone, assume Parler is gone, assume it’s all gone forever.

The only hero that might be riding into town is the Chinese, who might have the foresight to throw up a platform using their own infrastructure for Americans to use. That creates its own set of problems, obviously, including you being accused of working with a foreign country to spread illegal election fraud information.

It would also mean that while you could probably say “kike” and “nigger,” you wouldn’t be allowed to push a bunch of stupid Jewish Breitbart nonsense conspiracy theories against the Chinese, which most boomers seem incapable to resist doing. For a lot of these boomers, they’ve got Jews banning them, and then standing there laughing in their faces, and the boomers are saying “those damn Chinese!”

Anyway, there is no evidence a Chinese-owned platform will pop up. So, your best bet is just to learn what the Specular Effect learned, and learn it fast.

I’ve warned you all about this, virtually every day, for over three years. So, probably, you should have prepared. Apparently, literally no one did.


It is what it is, I guess.