“I know how to extinguish fires – and I know how to extinguish traitor pigs too!”

NBC News:

A Pennsylvania man accused of hurling a fire extinguisher at a group of police officers during last week’s Capitol riot has been arrested, authorities said.

Robert Sanford, 55, a retired firefighter from the Chester Fire Department, has been charged with four federal counts, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia in Washington said.

The fire extinguisher struck an officer who was wearing a helmet in the head, then ricocheted and hit two other officers, one of whom was not wearing a helmet, in the head, prosecutors said.

The charges against Sanford are not related to the death of U.S. Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick. The Associated Press and The New York Times have reported that Sicknick was struck by a fire extinguisher.

Sanford got caught up in the moment and made a “split-second decision,” and is very upset, his attorney, Enrique Latoison, said Thursday. “Everyone was in a mob mentality,” he said.

What a weird coincidence that a firefighter would use a fire extinguisher as his weapon of choice.

Anyway, I just want to say I think it’s funny that cop is dead.

No no, I’m joking.

I back the blue!

Law and order!

Even with a stolen election, we still have to support the government, 100%, because that’s our values!

Anyway: Robert Sanford is the only person at the Capitol Storm that should be facing serious charges, because he did smash a cop’s head in with a fire extinguisher. I think he should be let off, because the cop he killed was in the process of defending a traitor, usurper, illegal regime, and we already know from the Nuremberg Trials that “just following orders” isn’t a defense.

But in the very worst case: he is the only person at the event who committed a serious crime.

Everyone else gets misdemeanor trespassing.

By the way, this John Sullivan guy is truly a spook in the real sense.

He was seen at the Capitol Storming.

Was “arrested”.

Immediately released.

Went on CNN to do an interview as a “witness” to the storming.

All the while it seems as if he’s a Fed/CIA operative, handpicked and groomed agitator.

An Antifa/BLM activist who was arrested at the Capitol who was also an actor, Olympic hopeful speed skater, and apparently an Uber driver? What is going on here?

A real true to life Chaos Agent

There is rumored to be a sworn affidavit, FBI agent saying that the liberal activist was participating in Capitol riot, inciting people to set fire.

How many more of these operatives are among us?