The Man who carried the confederate battle flag into the capitol has been arrested by the FBI, among several other Trump supporting Patriots who did absolutely nothing wrong.

If you’ve forgotten and find yourself being confused about what’s going on to the point of not giving a fuck anymore, then, well, that’s understandable.

However, allow me to reel you back in – to refocus your mind on what’s really going on.

For the past six months, there have been “stand down” orders for Antifa and BLM communists.

Now, there are execution orders for patriots. White Patriots especially.

US News:

“On January 12, 2021, National Guardsmen were given authorization to be armed in support of the U.S. Capitol Police to protect the U.S. Capitol and individual members of Congress and their staff,” according to a statement from the D.C. National Guard, which is commanding Guard forces in the city, including units deployed from six other states, to provide security for President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration next week.

A defense official confirmed the authorization includes permission for Guard troops to use lethal force.

The request came from federal authorities and was approved by Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy – who oversees D.C. Guard deployments since the District is not a state – indicating it was not a request from the local government.

So, apparently the government has the power and resources to completely stop any potential riots from White conservatives. They’re going to use deadly force next time.

Ask yourself: Why have we seen six months of unchecked rioting from the left? If they had the power to stop riots, why have they just now started to use it?