President Trump gave another stupid, gay statement on Wednesday, a week after the Capitol Storm.

He denounced his own supporters, saying that no one who is on his team would enter the Capitol when invited by cops.

This is a really sad thing. It’s very sad. These people are going to prison, and he’s denouncing them, even though he’s also going to prison.

As I’ve said: just ignore all of this.

It doesn’t matter.

Trump is over, regardless of what happens, and we need to just not be emotional about this, and remember the good things. Remember the LEGEND.

Trump is a symbol, he was always a symbol, and the fact that he’s now an old man just bitching out like a gay fag is irrelevant to the symbol.

I’m mad too, but I’m looking past the anger here.

Trump is a tragic figure. He did his best, he just didn’t have it in him.