Hunted by the Communist Chinese, Donald Trump Jr. escapes New York with nothing but his Pog collection

I know I’ve said it and I’ve said it again, and again, and again, but the single dumbest and most destructive narrative that the conservative media has ever come up with is that the Democrats are in league with the Chinese.

This narrative was pioneered by Alex Jones, and the entire purpose of it is to cover up the fact that the Democrats are controlled by another foreign power – namely, the Jews.

We have to push back against this, and tell these people talking about China to simply shut up. Call them traitors who are attempting to cover up for crimes being committed by people who live in America, because that’s what they are.

Actually, most of them are just witless peasants, who will literally believe anything they are told by the people they view as their leaders. However, I have had some success in explaining to these people that any talk of China is simply designed to distract from what is actually happening in America.

This is probably the most recent piece on the topic: China to US: “We Don’t Need a World Where China Becomes Another United States”

One of the things these people are actually claiming is that the media is in league with China.

This is a standard mainstream media article on China, which you will find at the top of reddit:

As I’ve recorded, the Jews are now promoting lunatic, baseless and totally unfalsifiable theories, created by the CIA cult Falun Gong, that the Chinese are involved in mass organ harvesting (and are harvesting people’s organs while they’re alive without anesthetic!).

All of this is simply a gigantic, shameless distraction from what is going on in our own countries.

Our own governments have locked us in our houses, they’ve collapsed our economies, they’ve brazenly stolen an election, they’re injecting children with puberty blockers to turn them into mutant trannies, they’re allowing tens of thousands to die on the street from drug overdoses, they are incentivizing divorce, they’re aborting millions of babies, they’re flooding us with low IQ people – NONE OF THAT IS BEING DONE BY THE CHINESE.

If you go out there and say “well, what we really need to be worried about is Vietnamese fishing rights and the healthcare plans of cotton pickers in Xinjiang” then you are a TRAITOR. You are helping the criminals in our own country, who are doing all of these horrible things to you and to me and to our families and our countrymen, right in front of our faces, get away with it.

It simply cannot be made any clearer.

If you are talking about “China is the problem,” then you might as well be going out there and shooting children with hormones, closing down churches, and aborting babies yourself, because you are a tool of the people doing it.

China is a weird, silly country on the literal other side of the planet that is currently incapable of occupying its own internationally recognized territory.

The only people on earth who have a right to talk about a “Chinese threat” are:

  • Moslems in Xinjiang (who are almost universally either terrorists or terrorist supporters, and who if you care about, you have something wrong with you)
  • Falun Gong cultists who are trying to overthrow the Chinese government (they’re literally a foreign-backed terrorist group attempting to overthrow the government, so I mean – you make decisions and you deal with the consequences)
  • A few remaining Yellow Hat loyalists in Tibet

No one else.

I am not even going to say that Taiwanese are under threat, because if the United States would get out of the way, Taiwan reunification would be just as peaceful – and just as jubilant – as Hong Kong reunification.

I also am not going to grant that Vietnamese fishermen are under threat, as China would clearly make a deal there which would allow the Vietnamese the EXACT SAME fishing rights they have right now.

But here’s a question that has no answer: WHY ARE WE TALKING ABOUT VIETNAMESE FISHING RIGHTS?

Australia could pass a law at any moment saying that the Chinese have to sell back the mines and whatever else they bought at market value, and the Chinese would do it without much of a peep. They would punish Australia economically, obviously, but hey – maybe Australians shouldn’t have sold half their natural resources to the Chinese, huh?

If you wanted to go really deep, some Southeast Asian and African countries are going to have some problems if the IMF style loans they got from China ever get called in. But I mean – come on. At this, Mike Pompeo might as well be talking about, “the looming threat of Chinese tourists spitting in elevators while vacationing in Phuket and the terrible reality of the Thai maids who have to mop up the spit, which is often filled with thick, yellow phlegm from the disgusting chain-smoking habits of the brutal communist regime.”

This “Chinese threat” is all a gigantic hoax like global warming, coronavirus or the 2020 presidential election, and if you believe it just because right wingers are promoting it, then you are exactly what the Jews say you are: goyim.

This is what matters right now:

If your mind has space for anything else, you need to do some serious personal reflection.