If you’re like me, then you’d be rolling your eyes at Trump.

He’s being a little bitch.

Had he done this way earlier when he received all the data, info and intel on this, he would have come off as a Chad, but this is just petty faggot shit at this point in the game.

Now he wants to be a tough guy and play hardball. A little too late, pal.

Look, this goes for all Trump supporters and all Whites: you’ve been getting your asses kicked left and right and you still didn’t realize that you were in a fight. When you realized what was going on, you could have done something about it, but guess what? You decided to fight back by playing by the rules. The very same rules your enemies weren’t and still aren’t playing by. Democracy has failed you.

This is pretty much what Trump looks like when he’s now ready to release these documents on Obama-gate. Faggot duck president is more befitting.

Yes, I’m pretty angry, because I love this man. I see myself in him and he truly appealed to me on so many levels, and to see him take the path of the booty-bo-peep is nauseating!

I must reiterate: Trump was used to accelerate Communism. Whether or not he was aware and cognizantly complicit is hard to determine.

Yet, it was never about him. He was only a symbol. A symbol to represent the greatness of Western Civilization and that the fight for a proper way of life is in us all.

He was a representation for the rejection of Communism and the protection of our freedoms. Most importantly White Survival.

This grinds my shit:

From here on out, just ignore Trump’s faggot rants.