I’m not going to try to scare you, because quite frankly, you should all be scared already. None of what is occurring and unfolding is normal.

I have confirmed it to be a legitimate tweet. Some may view this as a normal PSA, but let’s be completely frank and honest with each other: nothing has been normal for quite some time!

To see this as normal, to me, would be dumb. This is where first principles come in handy: Expect the Worst and a Hope for the Best; Better to Be Safe than Sorry.

False flag and psy-ops are getting ready to get underway. I can fathom (((them))) knocking out the power grid spitefully to accelerate their communist agenda; blaming the Chinese, Iranians or Trump Supporters. My money is on the last one. Trump supporters are being heavily targeted and knocking out their power supply and so forth is not farfetched.

Leading up to the inauguration of the false president, there may be strange occurrences. It cannot hurt to be prepared.

Get ready, folks. Start stocking up if you haven’t already.

Remember, you can always eat your mistakes.

I hope I am wrong about all of this.