Many of you may not comprehend what I mean by the Feminine and it being the source of destruction and violence (proxy violence). I admit that it is a bit difficult to convey, but I try my best and will continue to.

I have said many times before, that women are the catalysts for social change and this is an unfortunate reality, for most if not all of the changes they are in advocacy of leads to destruction and chaos.

Women are the tools used to subvert social order and destroy any nation. Use them to promote a particular objective and narrative and shame the men who do not fall in line.

The video above is a microcosm of what occurs. Look at any of the footage of riots and protests in the past year, and you will see that women are the agitators and instigators. Their voices are the ones mostly heard urging the men on into violent disruption.

It is always the sound of the cunt’s voice urging and pushing for violence.

Then when the very things they push for goes awry, they safeguard and recuse themselves.

This is what men need to be aware of. The white knights and manginas aren’t and are always triggered by the shrill shrieking of the siren cunts.