America fell last week and is in the process of transitioning over into a Democrat Communist dictatorship, led by the usurper Joe Biden and the filthy communist Democrats who stole the election.

American Patriots are pissed! They have all right to be. Their lives have been destroyed by the communists politicians in Washington.

Here are a group of patriots led by Eric Braden, who sparred with a local radio reporter over the DC insurrection.

He, like many other sensible Americans, holds the position that the DC police “are responsible for every death” and participants “broke laws”, because officers “didn’t do their jobs.”

He also mentions that Antifags were among the Trump supporters on that day.

This is the truth and realness of what is taking place folks. A communist takeover has occurred and America has fallen into the hands of Communists led by Jews.

The Republican party is no more and the fake duality of left and right has ended.

Eric Braden who leads the Texas-based militia and prefers to be called “General E”, says DC effectively used the “Castle Doctrine” during what the Jewish media and Jewish shill politicians dub an “insurgency”, last Wednesday.

He says they used it to kill “five unarmed, innocent Americans.”

Look folks, things are heating pretty quickly and are going to get worse, hereon out. The shootings in the streets are right around the corner.

I know, I know, we still have our guns, but they are working overtime to make sure that will soon change. Gun seizures, or at least attempts, will be made in the coming months.

Trump has officially conceded today and I must confess: I am scared. I a, truly terrified about what is going to ensue in the coming weeks and months.

There are many in this country who are welcoming socialism and communism. They want it., but we need to stand together to fight against tyranny.

Hold on folks. Hold on.

This song is how I’m feeling.