More video evidence is emerging showing the involvement of the Antifags at the “storming” of the Capitol building in Washington, DC on January the 6th.

As seen in the video, weapons were passed out by Antifa members to other members. This to me can only mean one thing: things were about to get ugly. Yet, they didn’t. What happened?

I have my theories, but I will reserve sharing them until further information is released in the coming days.

What is most important is that, who the actors were is totally insignificant. Somebody pricked the titan with a needle and the titan shed but a single drop of blood. The act in and of itself did no real damage to the system, but it showed that the titan bleeds. Even worse it showed that the titan could feel pain and fear. Now everyone knows the titan bleeds and more importantly, how it bleeds. The titan is vulnerable and the next time it won’t be a needle, but a spear. Nothing the titan does or says will undo what was done.

All actors were co-conspirators against the tyrannical system we currently live under, because Americans are fed up.

As written here, even the CP were involved

You can see an army of cops in the background, doing nothing as these people are being allowed to march in – being literally ushered in, by the cops.

You can see faces marching in this single-file line into the Capitol, with the blessing of the cops. These are some of the same people that the FBI is now putting out bulletins about.

I’m looking at the schematics, and I’m not a pro at these things (somebody is going to make a detailed schematic analysis of it based on the videos), but people came in through at least three different entrances, but we now know that with at least one entrance, there was not only no resistance, but people were INVITED IN.

At another entrance, there were no cops at all, and people just walked in.

No one can deny what happened: these people were patriots, they were normal people following the instructions of the President of the United States, and they were allowed to walk in.

Yes, people did break windows, even though they could just walk in freely. Obviously they were the Antifags.

Meanwhile, the cops murdered a woman, Ashli Babbitt (keep saying her name) for entering a building that people were invited by cops to walk into.

Congress people were told they were under assault and told to hide under their chairs – to hide under their chairs from a mob that the CPD invited in!

Jews scurrying like rats

People like this stupid bitch, who is a Harvard professor and a CNN analyst, is out there saying “we need to analyze the security failure.”

What the hell does that mean? What needs to be analyzed? Why not just ask the cops: “why did you open the doors and let all these people walk in???”

The only thing that needs to be analyzed is why the police were given orders to open the doors and there is only one real explanation for that: they wanted to create a spectacle, they wanted to accuse Trump supporters of being terrorists and insurrectionists, they wanted a mass banning, they wanted to do mass raids. It was a false flag operation using the tactics similar to the Hundred Flowers Campaign.

Force your enemies to reveal themselves by allowing them the freedom to do certain things, without force. When they do, go after them!

This is all OBVIOUS AND STRAIGHTFORWARD. There is no confusion about this.

The people claiming that this had something to do with Antifa are either shills or deluded morons. Antifa members were there, indeed, but orchestrated by them is a tough stretch.

Why would patriots in the middle of a peaceful protest not enter the Capitol, after being invited in by the cops?


This was not an “insurrection.” It was a peaceful protest.

There wasn’t even any vandalism.

The people involved in this event have a legal defense. We need to get control of this narrative, and we need to do it quickly, and the number one enemies of the narrative are the morons out there claiming that the event was staged by Antifa.

Real Trump supporters were not secret Antifa, they were not insurrectionists, they were PEACEFUL PROTESTERS DEMONSTRATING AGAINST AN ATTACK ON DEMOCRACY.

This is all a massive, stage-managed hoax.

They have already rolled out a narrative, they are already making their bans, they are already doing mass arrests, they are already talking about new laws to crack down on patriot violence.

And all of it is based on a fraud.

No one person did one thing wrong.

The people support it.

The government is now rogue, it is totally illegitimate, it is creating absurd fantasies to justify its unsanctioned, invalid power. The coronavirus hoax was one such fantasy, as is the lunatic claim that people “broke in” to the Capitol.

They literally banned the President of the United States from speaking based on this hoax.

We have no choice but to resist.

We need to turn this energy into a push for secession, and we need to do it quickly.

All of our people see that this was a hoax. All of our people know that the Capitol Stormers did nothing wrong, and that these raids happening right now are criminal, by a criminal, illegal government.

We need this energy directed somewhere, we need people to stand up and push the narrative on secession.

We need this now.