This woman is your real and true mommy. That is the values and principles of democracy.

The UN has of course come out and condemned American patriotism, promoted the stupid hoax that the Capitol patriots engaged in violence, and suggested a need for even more egregious censorship of anyone who dares question the ruling elite.

Common Dreams:

The United Nations human rights office has suggested that Wednesday’s violence at the U.S. Capitol stemmed at least in part from President Donald Trump and Republican lawmakers’ fomenting of violence and continued “deliberate distortion of facts” regarding the outcome of November’s presidential election.

Thursday’s statement from U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet came amid growing calls for Trump’s impeachment or removal from office under the 25th Amendment.

Bachelet said that the failed coup attempt “demonstrated clearly the destructive impact of sustained, deliberate distortion of facts, and incitement to violence and hatred by political leaders. Allegations of electoral fraud have been invoked to try to undermine the right to political participation.”

She further called on all lawmakers and Trump “to disavow false and dangerous narratives” and tell their supporters to do so as well.

Drawing attention to the pro-Trump mob’s targeting of journalists covering the Capitol assault, Bachelet said, “We note with dismay the serious threats and destruction of property faced by media professionals yesterday.”

Yes, the real victims are the journalists.

Imagine the UN coming out and saying that the most important people, in need of protection by the authorities, are the totally controlled and locked down elite establishment Jewish media. That’s what democracy is. That’s what the word means. It means the elite, the ruling class, controlling your thoughts with media.

This is the most corrupt system of government that is conceivable in the entire universe. No monarchy or dictatorship was capable of these kinds of abuses.

This is the reason: you give them consent to abuse you. You go vote, and say “I give this person permission to rule over me, and to do whatever they want to me, including locking me in my house, taking my kids and raping them, or doing whatever other kind of sick thing they want to do to me.”

Furthermore, you can say you didn’t vote for your country to be handed over to low IQ foreigners, or to the UN, or whatever – but you did. You voted to give authority to people who made those decisions on your behalf.

You voted for all of this.

This “well at least they’re not as bad as the Democrats” mindset has to stop. Think of it: these people are as bad as the Democrats were just a few years ago. Bill Clinton was more conservative than any single Republican member of the Senate, excluding Josh Hawley.

Joe Biden himself nearly dropped an n-bomb when talking about “13 do 50” on the floor of the Senate just a few short decades ago.

People in the 1990s would have viewed the likes of Mitt Romney and Lindsey Graham as hardcore communists.

And you voted for this.

We have to stop voting. That is the takeaway of all of this. We have to refuse to consent to this system of abuse. We have to make them fear us again!