I’m starting to think that rather than a full shock and awe entry, (if he takes office) Joe Biden is going to come in with a kind of “let’s all just relax” type message.

That will be tied of course to a massive lockdown, but I think a lot of the social stuff is going to be put on pause. Briefly.

We’re seeing signs of something like that shaping up.


Martins Ferry Officer Tim Starkey, dismissed earlier this year for a joke he posted on Facebook, apparently making fun of the Black Lives Matter movement, is getting his job back.

Martins Ferry Mayor John Davies told 7News and WTRF.com that Starkey took the case to arbitration, and the result is that he is to receive “his job back along with all time he lost.”

Police Chief John McFarland confirmed the reinstatement but said all comments would have to come from the mayor.

It’s of course possible it could just all go completely nuts, but I am envisioning a completely nutso lockdown, with a scaled back social transformation agenda. You might even see some Antifa arrested and so on.

If Democrats want to deal with riots, they have that option, which Donald Trump didn’t have, because they will have control of the Justice Department and the FBI (something which Trump never even came close to).

Then, after the “Biden Pause,” you’re going to end up with Kamala Harris as president, and that is when things will start to go completely ape on the social agenda front. They’re pushing the “glass ceiling” bullshit with this cunt. Women are curse to the modern world.

I don’t know this as a matter of fact, obviously, and I’m not even making a prediction. I’m basically just telling you what I would be advising the Democrats to do if I were a Democrat advisor. I think giving people a brief window of breathing room before bringing Kamala in and then really dropping the hammer would be the logical course.

God be with us all!