Donald Trump – the Real President of America, who won the election in November with the most votes of any presidential candidate in all of American history – has announced that he will not be attending the inauguration of the false usurper Joe Biden.

This is one of the only statements he’s made on Twitter since he got his tweeting privileges back.

He also said this:

I don’t know what that means.

We have already been disrespected and treated unfairly, and the feds are planning on putting a bunch of people in federal prison for rioting on Trump’s orders.

Trump disrespected and unfairly treated his own supporters with this gay video, denouncing the brave and patriotic – and most relevantly, Trump-supporting – Capitol Stormers.

Many are saying the video is a deep fake.

If that’s the case, then we must entertain the claim others are making that the Real President, Donald Trump is actually dead. Were we to entertain that, then we must accept that these tweets aren’t from him, but from a deep state operative.

I don’t think this to be the case at all. Trump cucked and that’s as simple as it gets, because this is how the system works. Occam’s Razor.

It is all “shoah” business to control the goyim. We are better ruled over and controlled when we are in fear and unstable.


CNN and other media reported that he was basically held at gunpoint and forced to record that statement. Well, okay. He still did it. What is he thinking? Does he think he’s going to be able to escape? If he had any chance of escaping, that disappeared on Wednesday when he launched that riot against the government.

A jury of 12 is not going to say “okay well, you started that riot, but then the next day you recorded a video saying you were against your own riot – so we’ve decided to let you go free.”

That isn’t the way this works.

If Joe Biden is allowed to become president, then the disrespect and unfairness will just be getting started.

Trump is going to be totally silenced, and he will quickly be arrested if he doesn’t flee the country.

The statement that he won’t be attending the inauguration is further proof that there will be an inauguration, wherein Joe Biden will be inaugurated.

And that, my dear brothers and sisters of this great nation, is when the disrespect and unfair treatment is going to really get started.

This is all a very, very serious mess.