I’ve defended Candace Owens probably more than I’ve defended any other single woman, or black person, but here’s how she repays me.

Seriously, fuck this nasty bitch. See, this is the problem with conservative women — white or black — give them a chance to go autopilot, they’ll always deviate from the script. Tami Lahren anyone? Good grief!

All of these conservatives are out there “condemning” in various ways.

Even Lin Wood (now banned from Twitter) was promoting something along these lines.

This shit is all retarded. The overwhelming majority of “right wing” Twitter is saying one of the following things:

  • Trump supporters are literally terrorists, or
  • This was all some kind of Antifa plot, with secret Antifa being the ones who stormed the Capitol

How about option number three:

  • People are legitimately pissed off, they’re sick of all of this, and they don’t care anymore

If we are to entertain the third perspective and possibility, then the events would have been worse. A lot worse!

There would have been a lot more of a ruckus, a lot more casualties, a lot more violence; it would be still going on right now as we speak, and who would blame them?

Seriously – how can anyone defend “law and order” after this election theft?

After their lives have been destroyed and totally altered because of a fake virus.

There is no law and order, there is no system, there is nothing left to defend – this is what there is:

  • The people
  • A cruel, sadistic and utterly illegitimate Jewish occupational government oppressing the people

You either support one or the other.

Anyone talking about “law and order” right now supports the latter, that includes anyone who embraces the narrative of Antifag involvement.

Listen: of course anyone can make the argument that if this was an Antifa plot, there would have been real damage done. That there was no damage done. So, Antifa was not involved and that means American Patriots are really pissed. I don’t think they are pissed enough, to be honest, in order for this perspective to be true.

The only “violence” that happened on January 6 was against the cops, who are either White traitors, blacks or women, protecting an illegitimate government run by Jews.

“If this had been an Antifa plot, it would have been mass property destruction inside the Capitol.”

It’s possible, yet quite unlikely.

“Instead, everyone was saying “don’t break anything.”

Yeah, Patriots were taking other Patriots not to, because the other people who were breaking stuff were actually Antifa members.

I was watching Baked Alaska’s stream where he was saying that, as if he thinks that means he’s not going to go to prison, and saying “oh my sweet summer child.”

But I am sure Baked is aware of his situation, and immediately after he ended his stream last night, boarded a plane to Uruguay or Zambia or something.

Point being: any single person who condemns the events of January 6, for any reason, is a traitor. Even if it is under the guise of an Antifa conspiracy theory (actually maybe some of those people are genuinely mentally unstable, I don’t know – I don’t think Lin Wood is a traitor).

But listen: these people are effectively saying that Ashli Babbit – our martyr – was an Antifa plant.

Now is poured over that possibility:

It doesn’t make sense.

Here’s the deal: obviously, the cops were not there to prevent this, and that is obviously some kind of conspiracy, but the people who “stormed” (they were let in and walked right in) the Capitol are Patriots, and we should not ever let anyone condemn them as anything other than that. It’s that simple. That is the working narrative we need to give this upheaval momentum.