Capitol Police open the doors to the U.S. Capitol for the protestors. One officer is heard saying, “I disagree with it, but respect it.”

There are two slightly different questions regarding the historic storming of the Capitol on Wednesday:

  1. Did the Stormers do anything wrong? and
  2. Were they allowed to breach the Capitol by the city authorities in order to create a spectacle?

The answer to question #1 is obviously “no,” and the answer to question #2 is equally obviously “yes.”

A video by the Washington Post, which was apparently recorded on Thursday, when some people were still hanging out on the streets of the Capitol, features interviews with several witnesses to the storming.

The key moment in the video is when a boomer says that there was no security at all, and, “I think they were instructed to let it go.”

That’s at 1:42 in this video.

After that, a woman says “there was nothing stopping us,” and a man says, “I was up there and the Capitol police never asked us to leave.”

There’s a chubby Vietnamese girl, who in typical bubbly Asian fashion, is talking about how it was just a fun place to take pictures.

A boomer woman says “blah blah blah, I disavow,” before saying that the violence was no big deal in comparison with what the Congresspeople did.

Obviously, when you see a video from the WaPo, you wonder if it’s not just paid actors, staged for fake news purposes, but this video seemed real enough.

In the future, you can expect the fact that the security was pulled from the Capitol to be buried. That is the primary takeaway from the entire event. This “violence” was the result of the cops not being there, and it served as an excuse to skip the debate on the electors, and it is going to serve for a lot more than that.

We’re going into a state of absolute tyranny right now, where there will be a crackdown on White people that makes the 911 crackdown on Moslems look like child’s play.

Remember that after Moslems ostensibly did 911, you saw random Moslem countries invaded? Even though those countries were totally unrelated to the events of that day? You might even see that. They might invade Belarus, because it’s a white country, and we’re at war with White people now.

Even if it doesn’t go there, it’s going to be the Patriot Act II, that allows them to just pull White people out of their houses at night, hold them without charge, torture them and so on.

It’s gonna be wild, folks!

It’s gonna make a two-headed goat look normal!