You might remember – but you probably don’t – that in July of 2019, the so-called “democracy protesters” rushed the main government building in that city, attacked people and committed vandalism.

Here’s a little news bite from July 1, 2019 in the British Evening Standard:

Hundreds of activists in Hong Kong smashed their way into one of the territory’s main government buildings and spray painted the walls as they protested a controversial extradition bill.

The protesters, gathering on the anniversary of Hong Kong’s handover to Chinese rule, stormed the Legislative Council building.

Crowds could be seen slamming items into its entrance before eventually making their way inside, where they proceeded to daub slogans over the walls and destroy pictures.

One piece of graffiti, written in English, read: “HK Gov f***ing disgrace.”

Some carried road signs, corrugated iron sheets and pieces of scaffolding upstairs and downstairs, as they destroyed pictures in the building on their way.

A crowd of around a thousand people gathered around the Legislative Council building in the heart of the former British colony’s financial district.

The police did not immediately intervene as the premises was overrun, despite having been involved in a standoff with those gathered outside throughout the day.

It was more or less the exact same situation as happened on Wednesday in the United States capital. Except the situation in Hong Kong was much more violent. A “protester” actually threw white powder on cops. The other notable difference is that the cops were much less aggressive in Hong Kong than they were in Washington on Wednesday.

These were Hong Kong protesters gathering in the council chamber:

Here is an American attempting to enter the Congressional chamber:

Hong Kongese Antifa spray painted the entire chamber.

And smashed portraits of leaders.

Americans didn’t do those things.

It feels like relatively low-hanging fruit to say “China is a much more free and fair country than America.” It’s like saying “a horse is bigger than a cat.”

But these situations are so similar that it’s just impossible to not note it.

Obviously, the United States government said that it was good when these Hong Kong protesters rushed the government building and committed these acts of destruction. They said they were “fighting for democracy.”

You notice that the narrative about the same situation in America is a little bit different.

The US Jewish controlled media is labeling the Wednesday protest as “a coup attempt” and “an insurrection.”

Whereas the Hong Kong event was praised as “in support of democracy,” the American version is being condemned as “an attack on democracy.”

Another interesting comparison is this: Hong Kong didn’t crack down on the rioters for an entire year.

They were allowed to attack cops in the street, destroy malls, beat up random people and burn people alive on the streets, all while regularly meeting for strategy meetings at the US consulate, until a law was passed on July 1, 2020, giving police permission to stop the violence.

I don’t think that the US government is going to wait a year before passing a law against American dissidents, and I do not think they are going to let them riot and burn things down for months on end.

I think this is going to be like a flash of lightning, the way these people are going to come down on us in response to this January 6 protest event.

The fact that this crackdown by the feds is going to coincide with the ascent of Joe Biden and the entire Democrat Party coming into total power is going to create, likely, a kind of shock and awe situation where the government releases terror on the population.

I was saying, up until yesterday, that I didn’t expect Joe Biden to come in with shock and awe, but the media now has two weeks to spin a narrative about the events of Wednesday, and convince the large mass of peasants that extreme action is necessary to prevent Baked Alaska and his cohorts from establishing a fascist dictatorship in America.

Basically, you’re going to get the Patriot Act on steroids, aimed directly at normal White people.

Unlike the Chinese security law, this will not be designed to stop street violence. It will be designed to allow the police to come to your house based on your internet posting and arrest you and detain you indefinitely without charge.

Of course, they were going to start doing that because of the coronavirus either way, but to have it explicit that this is political persecution is going to enable these people to cast a much, much wider net.

I’m not trying to scare you, of course.

This is just where this is all obviously going.

They have no mandate, people do not support the Democrat Party. They have to use fear to rule. What that is going to mean is raids, that are not explained, and appear completely random.

It’s unfortunate.