The funniest thing is Vladimir Putin refusing to even comment on the Capitol Storm.

It would have been best if someone would have asked him, and he just would have shrugged and remarked, “Eh”.

Moscow Times:

President Vladimir Putin made no statement on the unprecedented chaos in the United States when he spoke briefly with journalists after attending an Orthodox Christmas service, while Russia’s Foreign Ministry said the U.S electoral process is archaic and prone to violations.

A rampaging mob of Trump supporters on Wednesday stormed a session of Congress being held to certify Joe Biden’s election win, triggering violence and accusations the president was attempting a coup.

“The events in Washington show that the U.S. electoral process is archaic, does not meet modern standards and is prone to violations,” the state-run RIA Novosti news agency quoted Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova as saying.

“We wish that the friendly American people will survive this dramatic moment in their own history with dignity.”

Dignity is not something that America is ever getting back.

I don’t think anyone is even looking for it. It’s never been recorded in history, anyway.

Other world leaders expressed shock and outrage at the events, with French President Emmanuel Macron saying “What happened today in Washington is not American,” and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson condemning the “disgraceful scenes.”

Here are the reactions from other Russian public figures and politicians, and in the country’s media:

The leader of Russia’s Communist Party Gennady Zyuganov said in a statement:

“The boomerang came back to them. It was them that launched color revolutions. In fifty years they carried out three dozen, if not more. They toppled the leaders in North Africa and Yugoslavia and ousted a normal government in Ukraine, they had a go at Belarus last year. Well, now they are paying for it.”

Pro-Kremlin political talk show host Vladimir Sovolyov’s YouTube channel in an hours-long live stream of the events dubbed them “Maidan in Washington,” in a reference to civil unrest in Ukraine in 2013-2014.

Unfortunately, it was not a Maidan.

The Maidan was organized by US intelligence, and there were very capable leaders, with very clear goals.

The Washington Storm was a directionless peasant freakout, with no leadership at all. It was a riot that Donald Trump started and then refused to take control of.

I get that from the view of Russia, this looked like some kind of serious event, which could be compared to other events, but it was in reality a stage-managed event, designed to demonize Trump-supporters, who were protesting the end of our electoral process as being against the electoral process, and to portray the people as the enemies of the people, and to justify all of the rest of the stuff it is going to justify.

I’m sure it was funny to the Russians. It was funny to me and maybe it will lead to something good – I don’t know, but that would be in the longer run. In the shorter run, this is going to lead to extreme centralization of brutal federal authority, or something like the opposite of the Maidan outcome.

The US is collapsing internally, but that is obviously the plan of the elite, as they move to transition from the American national system into a system of international government. Whether or not they really have the ability to pull that off is yet to be seen, but it seems unlikely.

Either way, the people of this country are in for a whole lot of pain, which is going to come pretty swiftly.