Donald Trump on Thursday night issued a cowardly public surrender statement, saying that there will be a transfer of power and it’s just too bad.

He also condemned the people who engaged in the riot he incited, and said that the people who were fighting for him – after he incited a riot – should be punished!

I can’t even believe what I am watching here.

Is this a deep fake?

What even is this?

Many are convinced it is.

Others, like myself, think he’s just a traitorous faggot.

Remember this: Donald Trump incited that riot. Everyone who entered that building and is going to do federal time, did so because HE TOLD THEM TO.

I don’t know what is going on, I’m not going to speculate, but you can watch the video yourself – this appears to be a concession, he appears to be saying he’s going to voluntarily transfer power to the Usurper Joe Biden, and he very clearly condemns his own fighters as criminals for doing what he told them to do.

If this is what it appears to be, and not part of some kind of secret plan or a fakeout, then this is the single biggest betrayal in the entire recorded history of the human race.

The stupidest part of all is that he’s going to prison himself, either way. There is no court that would not convict him of inciting that riot on Wednesday. They’re also going to convict him of an entire list of fake crimes. If he’s actually planning on surrendering on January 20, he’s going to have to flee the country.

But maybe it’s some secret plan. Maybe patriots are in control. Maybe he’s going to seize power at the last moment. I suppose if he was planning to do that, this is what he would do. Yet, Qtards need to hear this rhetoric nevertheless it is their copium and cannot accept that Trump betrayed us.


People still haven’t figured it out as yet, and this may include some of you here, but that’s OK because I am here to guide you. The reality is, Trump was nothing but a ruse and tool used to accelerate Communism over the last 4 years. It has been successful.

Eric Trump has posted a video showing you what Trump, himself, and his team were doing at the time of the “storming” of the capital. One woman was dancing to the loud music playing in the background (women are primitive and can’t hear a tin cup knock; they’ll start dancing) while Donald, Melania and others looked on the screen with angst hoping that the people would erupt with rage and violence.

Trump’s speech incensed the crowd of supporters when he said, “We will walk down Pennsylvania Ave. together” and “I will meet you there”. That is what that fuck said! He never showed!

He used the American people like he uses people in general for his own benefit.

It is what the rich and powerful do. It is a personality trait of theirs.

We are nothing but pawns to them. Lemmings and fucking retards.

We should have known better to not trust a person who has an empire to protect and will do anything, including betray us to salvage his wealth and legacy.

He has condemned his own supporters and people who genuinely love him. People have died for and because of him. We were all had. We are all rubes for trusting in this man. He was not a politician, but he is now.

We are all going to eat shit because of this traitor, while he seeks to pardon himself:

It was never about him and we are all broken fools for thinking it ever was. This country was built on what occurred yesterday, and because of it, we had the privilege and right to profess to be truly free for a long time, and have been the exemplar of what it means to be free. We need to take this nation back! Swiftly and quietly.

Our minds were Jewed, AGAIN, by a non-Jew. All the signs were there — him pal-ing around with Jews, son-in-law is a Jew and Mossad operative — yet we wanted to believe that what occurs in other countries wasn’t happening and couldn’t happen to us. We are no different to Q-tards who think he was cooking up some grand scheme to expose the sick fucks in government, by thinking he would have our backs. We want to believe in justice and want to see it manifested before our eyes, but the truth is, it will never manifest in real-time for us, unless we take matters into in our hands.

If you want something done right…

What we need to do, most of all is gird ourselves with knowledge and understanding of what is taking place and what has happened to us and that is what is known as the Hundred Flowers Campaign.

The tl;dr (too long; didn’t read): urge people to be honest, then go after everyone who honestly opposes you. It’s also a great way to paint all the opposition as ‘muh nazis’ or what communists refer to as “counter-revolutionaries”. This is the purpose Trump served. To expose those who would oppose the coming tyranny of communism and that was all of us; his supporters!

We need to wake others up.

The problem with any kind of plan is that he’s already been banned from all versions of social media, including Twitter and Facebook, and he has no actual place to announce any action he might be planning on taking.

General Flynn and Lin Wood are still out there saying he’s got a plan.

It sure as hell doesn’t look like there’s a plan. It looks like, if there was a plan, he would have marched with the patriots on Wednesday, and stormed the Capitol with them, and then declared himself emperor while surrounded by hundreds of thousands of patriot fighters.

I have no idea.

I’m personally not struggling with the idea that there is literally no plan here.

Whatever happens, remember this: We are in control. For others, God is in control and that is just as good as the other and ourselves and each other and Jesus Christ are ultimately the only people any of us can truly be loyal to. Whatever Trump does, we are going to fight, and we are going to be victorious, because this isn’t about him and never was!

Remember the Jews are to blame for this. They are ultimately responsible.

Long Live the Fighters.