The Jewish media is zooming in on several people who were at the Capitol protest, and demanding their arrest.

You can see that in this BBC article.

I’m just going to show you these people that the media is already itself identifying. I don’t think any of these people did anything wrong, and don’t think they should be arrested. Frankly, Donald Trump should immediately pardon all of them.

Jake Angeli, The QAnon Shaman

This guy we knew from Arizona, where he hassled Nick Fuentes and then did a shamanic ritual.

He’s actually an asshole and a pagan, and an attention whore to boot, but whatever – none of those things are crimes (although being a pagan frankly should be a crime, the other two shouldn’t).

He was prominent in the photographs and footage inside of the Capitol rotunda. He was also on the front lines of forcing into the building, through the police lines.

Before Lin Wood was banned from Twitter, he was accusing this guy of being some kind of fed shill. I actually wouldn’t be surprised by that, I guess, but there isn’t any evidence of that.

Lin Wood is now tweeting on Parler, by the way, but I can’t find the stuff about Angeli on there. Apparently, Angeli is an actor, and they’re saying crisis actor and all of that.

Whatever – I don’t care. He didn’t do anything.

The Proud Boys

These men are apparently from the Proud Boys, and this photo is getting spread around a lot:

The media is calling for several Proud Boys to be arrested because they’re in these pictures, but they’re also just calling – yet again – for a general crackdown on the Proud Boys, which I suspect will happen pretty soon.

They’re going to tie them big time to the storming of the Capitol, and use it to probably label them a domestic terrorist organization. All that stuff they did in Portland is going to come back on them hard.

Look for a ton of them to get locked up in the first wave.

Baked Alaska

As I mentioned would happen before it started happening (as is my habit these days), the media is really zooming in on Baked Alaska, because they’re able to vaguely tie him to “white nationalism” as well as Charlottesville.

And also, he was really in the Capitol streaming with his face out like a complete moron.

I just – I just don’t even understand what he was thinking. He apparently just got caught up in the moment? Or did he not understand it was illegal?

Did he think it was really happening, that Trump was making the push and patriots were in control?

Frankly, I suspect that a lot of people were thinking that. Trump pretty strongly implied that people should do exactly what they did, frankly.

The other reason they’re going to focus on Baked is that he announced before the rally that he’s positive for coronavirus.

So, that adds the extra layer of evil.

He’s going to be the main feature of most of this coverage.

Maybe he thought it was funny enough that this was worth being exiled from America forever, and he’s already safe in Zambia or Burma or something, having boarded the plane immediately after his stream ended?

If not, then it would make a lot of sense if he left the country before charges come down here in the next day or two.

The good news is that when you go to feds for doing some shit like rushing the Congress, you get mad respect.

I just hope they let Baked stream from the yard.

The Nancy Pelosi Note Guy

The Jews are really going especially nuts over the guy who wrote a note to Nancy Pelosi in her office. Probably because he has a face like something out of 15th century Britain, and Jews can picture him on a horse, chasing them.

He also revealed the Jewish menorah on Faggy Pelosi’s desk.

His name is Richard Barnett.

It was a great picture of him sitting there at Nancy’s desk.

But yeah – he’s going to federal prison.

Top Person Not Going to the Feds: Nick Fuentes

The media is falsely reporting that some guy in a video with Baked is Nick Fuentes, even though it obviously isn’t him.

Nick has corrected this on social media, but none of the journalists have deleted their tweets naming him. Even Ben Shapiro tweeted it and is refusing to delete it.

Actually hanging out with Vincent James. In case suit and tie as he usually is dressed.

Nick was smart enough to not go in the building, and God bless him for keeping all his boys in line OUTSIDE the Capitol.

No AF guys are going to feds.

Well, at least not until the purges start.

Here’s the thing: stay strong, people.

Remember: God is going to judge you for what you do, and every second you suffer in the name of God, you’re going to be rewarded for, ten fold. You’re going to need to keep the shortness of this life, and the eternity of the afterlife in the front of your mind going forward here.

Remember: You are going to stand before God. It is going to be as real as you are sitting right here reading this. It’s not going to be a metaphor. You’re going to stand there and you’re going to be told to give an account.

Picture that. Keep the image in your brain, with every decision you make.