I’m not going to write it up in detail right now, because I’m only one man and I’ve had a very long day, but basically:

  • Trump gave a campaign speech in DC to hundreds of thousands of people, then told them to march to the Capitol
  • The DC police put 12 cops with a stupid mobile aluminium barrier in front of the Capitol
  • They wanted people to break in
  • People broke in
  • They are now calling Trump supporters terrorists and insurrectionists
  • They locked Trump’s Twitter account and said he’s inciting violence
  • The entire “right-wing” media (Fox News, etc.) is denouncing Trump supporters as violent

No one did anything wrong, I’m not blaming anyone for rushing the capitol, and it deserved to be rushed – whatever, but, this was designed to create a narrative. In the end, it doesn’t change anything. Maybe something was gained in terms of strengthening the will of the population. I don’t know. But something was definitely gained in terms of awarding new powers to a totally corrupt state.

This is just Charlottesville 2. They set up a situation where innocent people create a spectacular event, so they can call a group violent, so they can crack down on the group. They wanted someone to get killed, like at Charlottesville – instead the only person who got killed was a poor female Trump supporter (who the media is saying nothing about) who was shot by some kind of cop (or a private security contractor). I still strictly maintain that women ought not I be out there, but doing something more constructive like taking care of their kids; baking cookies and cooking dinner, that sort of stuff. Or, for the most if they’re going to be out there they should focus on supplying pizza and soda. Women have no right on the battlefield or just public life for that matter. Period! They are nothing but a distraction. Look at Nancy Pelosi and all these other women government. Instead of baking cookies for her grandkids, she’s out here destroying people’s lives. Enough of the tangent.

A peasant mob couldn’t have known any different than to do what they did. I don’t blame the people who did it. It was the job of the police to protect the building, they didn’t do it, because they wanted this thing that is now happening. They wanted a narrative of “lawless Trump supporters.”

Baked Alaska was inside the capitol and streaming and will probably do big boy time in federal prison.

Many others will as well. There are going to be mass arrests.

This will then be a forever narrative. It is an event that will be baked into the fabric of reality, as a root cause of Democrat power: they protect democracy against the guys who climbed in a building and sat at a desk.

What a mess.

Trump created this situation. I don’t know what he thought was going to happen, but wow. Total mess.

This is going to be used as the excuse by the Biden Administration for cracking down on all of us. It will go down in history as “an attempted coup.” It was a completely manufactured event.

I am so exhausted. I’m going to relax and drink some tea.

I’ll talk to you tomorrow.