South China Morning Post:

In his first order of the new year to the country’s armed forces, Chinese President Xi Jinping stressed the need for “full-time combat readiness” and said the People’s Liberation Army must use frontline frictions to polish troop capabilities.

Xi, who also chairs China’s Central Military Commission (CMC), the top command body, said the PLA must be ready to “act at any second” as the country’s armed forces kicked off the year’s military training and exercises on Monday.

He also ordered the PLA to “substantially increase” the use of technology in its exercises, and to keep up with the latest developments in military and hi-tech knowledge. These included the use of computer simulations and online combat in drills, as well as exploration of more opportunities to add hi-tech and the internet – known as tech+ and web+ – in training.

“[The PLA must] increase the integration of new equipment, new forces and new combat realms into training and combat systems,” he said.

Notably, Xi’s remarks about the PLA’s current “frontline military struggles” were a departure from previous year-opening orders – including 2020 – which instructed the armed forces to “manage crises and deter war”.

As of right now – this specific minute – the US could wipe out China, militarily. Without ever having to get into this thing with the US military now being totally run by trannies and black people.

But every day, that gap between the US and China narrows.

At some point, in the not-distant future, China will have a military capacity that surpasses that of the United States and the fact that the United States made the decision to completely collapse its own economy is going to speed up this gap-narrowing process.

What this probably and presumably means is that the United States military is planning on starting a war with China like, now. I don’t really know what else it could mean.

Probably, that is the same analysis of the Chinese. I doubt this is based on intelligence or whatever, as intelligence is confusing and always unreliable. I would suspect, frankly, that the Chinese suspicion that a war is coming is based entirely on the obvious.