Who would have thought that this stupid bitch with those big veins in her neck would fail to stir up enthusiasm?

It is clear that the Democrats won both Georgia elections. If that wasn’t clear enough before the election happened, the results are now in.

These are the New York Times numbers at 7:15 AM EST:

The election was obviously a farce, and it is genuinely shocking to me that Republicans were willing to entertain it.

The fact that Republicans cared about this election, and were out there talking about “oh well, we can’t let them control the Senate too!”, indicates to me that we have some very serious problems going forward.

Listen to me: you watched the Democrats steal the presidential election. They did it right in front of you. They were caught outright. Nothing happened.

What that means is this: elections no longer matter, and we need to boycott them absolutely. Going out there and voting because “oh well, maybe it won’t be a hoax this time, for some reason” is actually deranged, and a sign of mental illness.

Anyone who:

  1. Is aware that the presidential election was a farce, and
  2. Continues to vote in elections anyway

Has something deeply, spiritually wrong with them.


We know as a matter of fact that nothing good is going to come from voting.

Will something good come from not voting?

Well, I don’t know.

But now, asking “should I vote?” is now the equivalent of asking “should I hit myself in the head with a hammer?”

You know nothing good is going to come from hitting yourself in the head with a hammer, and no one asks you, “well, if you don’t hit yourself in the head with a hammer, then what ARE you going to do?”

There are millions and billions of potential things you can do in life that are not hitting yourself in the head with a hammer.

Frankly, there were a lot of good reasons to boycott voting for the Republicans before we knew that these elections were fake. Basically, a system was set up wherein the Republicans could do whatever they wanted as long as they weren’t quite as bad as the Democrats, because then they could continually say, “well, at least we’re not those guys.” That created a process where the Republicans just got worse and worse – more pro-war, more pro-open borders, more anti-white and so on.

Now, those arguments don’t even matter anymore, because these elections are just simply fake!


This having been said…

I think the Republicans probably genuinely lost this election, even without the fraud. No one cares about Republicans anymore. These two candidates in Georgia were absolute garbage, especially. You had a bought and paid for open borders whackjob and a woman.

So they’re worse than the black guy and the kook gay Jew?

What kind of choice is that?

If Donald Trump is actually out, then that means that the Republicans have less than nothing. They are a completely worthless party.

What exactly are their arguments at this point?

  • “Well, we’ve got fewer trannies, and our trannies are maybe older, at least post-pubescent”?
  • “We want to bury you primarily in Indian and Islamic immigrants, rather than Mexican immigrants”?
  • “We have values and principles”?

Why would anyone care?

Yes, Josh Hawley is doing a thing, which I have to say I do support in theory, but who is going to go along with that?

Do you know how hard it is to find candidates to run for office?

Do you remember Paul Nehlen?

Then, even if we did find enough Hawleyites to totally transform the Republican Party, and we somehow bypassed all the special interests – we still have the voter fraud.

So, look: we need a new plan here, people. The voting thing just isn’t working.