You’ll note that the only time you ever heard the term “lockdown” before 2020 was in the context of a “prison lockdown.”

That is the society they are trying to build here. It’s a prison society.

This is especially absurd in Germany, where they tell us the evil Adolf Hitler took people’s freedoms. Even the most extreme anti-Hitler Jew doesn’t claim Hitler did anything like this.


Germans will have to limit contacts to a “minimum,” Chancellor Angela Merkel said, as she announced that the national Covid-19 lockdown is being both toughened and extended until the end of January, amid soaring infection numbers.

“We need to restrict contact more strictly… We ask all citizens to restrict contact to the absolute minimum,” Merkel told journalists on Tuesday.

Shops, bars, and restaurants in Germany, as well as schools, will remain shut at least until the end of January, Merkel announced, following a video conference with the leaders of the country’s 16 federal states. The government is aiming to reduce infection rates to fewer than 50 cases per 100,000 residents before any restrictions will be lifted.

Look at this:

Do you think this is a coincidence?

Keep in mind that coronavirus is just a strain of the flu, and there is zero evidence that it has killed more people than any other flu. In fact, the evidence is the opposite – that no new people have died as a result of this virus.

So: is this a mind control operation to train people to be slaves? To be prisoners in their own countries?

You tell me.