The media is going nuts attacking China for not letting the World Health Organization in to “study the origins of the coronavirus.”

It’s a top headline on every website.

Obviously, the reason China isn’t allowing these people in is that Chinamen, unlike Americans, are not a bunch of morons. They understand that the West is LYING about this coronavirus, and trying to place some kind of blame on China.

Firstly, even if this did come from Chinese people eating bats, that isn’t really a big deal, because the virus is just another normal flu virus.

Secondly, it didn’t come from Chinese people eating bats.

Listen: you see the way that the West has rolled out an entire, massive agenda, ostensibly in response to this virus. Well, this agenda was designed before this virus. They didn’t just put it together on the fly.

That means that the West released the virus. Either that, or they just created a test for a virus that already existed naturally. Whatever the case, none of it has anything to do with the Chinese. This is a Western agenda, designed by a group of technocrats and Jews to transform civilization from what it was in 2019 to a situation where you have a mass of peasants with no rights and no money living underneath a tiny elite minority.

“Welcome to 2030 where you don’t own anything, goyim” is not something that was designed on the fly. The World Economic Forum was publicly promoting this as early as 2016.

There is no way that these people would let a random event – random, in the sense of some gook getting sick from eating a bat – serve as the trigger for all of this.

It was all designed and planned, a long time ago.

And it has nothing at all to do with the Chinese.

The only reason that the Chinese were blamed for this in the first place is that it is geographically where the first case was diagnosed – but we already know, as a matter of fact, that it was in Italy months before it was ever in China.

The Chinese know what’s going on here, and they’re not just going to willingly play the fall guy for these globalist lunatics, hence why they are not allowing the UN to go in and stage some silly hoax about eating bats.