The New York Times had a big front page event back in May, listing around a thousand names of people who had allegedly died as a result of the coronavirus.

Bizarrely and definitely speaking to the idiocy of our society, the article was entitled “US Deaths Near 100,000, An Incalculable Loss.” Is that a typo? Did they mean to write “unimaginable” or “inconceivable”?

Another problem with this article was that #6 was a black guy who was murdered by another black. This was pointed out by a black Twitter user, who was offended.

Presumably, if you went through the entire list, you’d find quite a few more deaths that were not from coronavirus.

According to the claims of the lying healthcare establishment, 100,000 people have died from this virus in America. However, the NYT couldn’t find 1,000 who they could confirm as having died from the virus.

As we’ve outlined 100,000 times, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have openly admitted that they have ordered hospitals to record anyone who dies with a cough, weakness or shortness of breath as having died from coronavirus. Madam Birx herself said at a press conference that anyone who has coronavirus and dies is listed as a coronavirus death, even if their death is caused by something else.

By her own rules, Jordan Haynes, if he had coronavirus when he was shot to death, would qualify for the official statistics and I assume this is how he got on the list. I assume that is actually what happened here. He is described as a “generous young man with a delightful grin,” which was pulled from an obituary.

The obituary – again, presumably – had listed his death as being from “COVID-19.” Probably, he got shot, went to the hospital while still alive, died after a couple of days from his wounds, they tested him for the virus after he died and he tested positive so his death certificate read “died of coronavirus.” Or maybe they didn’t test him at all, and just recorded him as dying of coronavirus because he had “weakness and shortness of breath” before dying.

I think it is very unlikely that it was a typo, and his name was included on this list because another, presumably official, source had listed him as dying of coronavirus. It will be interesting to see if anyone finds any other fake deaths on the list over the next few days.

We have news reports of people falling down and hitting their heads and dying of brain trauma and being reported as a coronavirus death. This was the media reporting it, so you can only imagine the number of people who the government reported without announcing the details.

What’s more, hospitals are being incentivized to lie, as they get payments from the government if they mark someone down as having coronavirus.

Recently, the media made a big deal of an ostensibly healthy man losing a bunch of weight on a ventilator. In the New York Post report on the story however, you had to read until paragraph 9 to find that he was a homosexual, which necessarily means he has a compromised immune system.

The reality of the situation is we have no idea how many people have actually died from this disease in America, but we know that it is nowhere close to 100,000.

Elon Musk identified the false reporting of deaths as the most important issue surrounding this hoax, pointing out that if only real deaths were reported, no one would think this was a crisis.

No one knows anyone who has died from the virus. I know plenty of people who have had it and just been a little bit sick and gotten better. I also know people who are mad that family members have died and been labeled coronavirus deaths even though they died of something else.

It currently seems probable that there is literally not even one single person on earth who has gotten this virus, had no other conditions, and died from the virus. Maybe that has happened, but I have not found any evidence of this happening, and if you follow what the CDC and WHO are saying, they aren’t really even claiming that that has happened.

In Italy, back before we ever did the lockdown, a study came out saying that “over 99%” of deaths had been of people with preexisting conditions and died with a comorbidity.

It seems to me very likely that those in the <1% who ostensibly died without a preexisting condition simply had an undiagnosed comorbidity. I don’t want to go so far in the other direction here, but it actually seems entirely possible that this virus is not responsible for the death of even one person.

The benign nature of this virus certainly speaks to the conspiracy behind it, and frankly, makes it appear to have been genetically engineered. If there was no test for this virus, no one would know it existed. They would either get it and never know they had anything, or they would think it was just the flu.

According to current microbiological theory, the human body harbors literally trillions of different viruses. We do not know what most of them are, obviously.

It seems to me that if I wanted to release a virus that would cover the earth and also ensure that no one in my circle of elites ended up dying, I would use a completely benign virus.

We now understand that this entire virus agenda was planned long before anyone ever heard of this virus and that Bill Gates, who appears to be a satanist, became the Lord of Viruses so that he could exercise authority on this matter.