This is truly shocking.

Daily Mail:

A Brooklyn man has been arrested and charged with a hate crime for allegedly vandalizing four synagogues last week.

The New York Police Department says 39-year-old Emil Benjamin went on a graffiti spree at four Brooklyn-area synagogues: Kahal Darkei Noam, Young Israel Senior Services, Khal Toras Chaim D’Flatbush, and Bais Avigdor.

The suspect is accused of writing ‘pedophiles’ in red marker on a side door entrance to the Young Israel synagogue, a police spokesperson told Police say the other graffiti also included derogatory phrases, but did not reveal any specifics.

At Bais Avigdor, police say, Benjamin broke into the synagogue, marked it with graffiti, broke several cabinets, and stole $20.

According to a LexisNexis search, Benjamin has lived in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Midwood around the corner from the Young Israel synagogue.

Security footage released by police shows a hooded man walking up the front steps to one synagogue, removing a Sharpie marker from his jacket, and writing on the front facade.

The incidents, which are being investigated by NYPD’s Hate Crimes Task Force, occurred between midnight and 1:30am on December 23.

‘I was disgusted to my core to learn of the anti-Semitic acts of vandalism that occurred in Brooklyn over the weekend,’ Governor Andrew Cuomo said in a statement last week.

‘Let us remember, hate, in any of its forms, will not be tolerated in New York and we will always stand united against the cowards who seek to sow division and attack people for who they are or what they believe.’

Now that we know this is a hoax, by a Jew, why won’t Cuomo come out and say “I was disgusted to my core to learn of these Jews doing yet another one their tricky hoaxes” and “let us remember, Jewish hoaxes and tricks, in any of their forms, will not be tolerated and we will always stand united against the cowardly Jews who seek to sow confusion and attack white people by blaming them for fake events”?

Would any normal person be bothered by such a statement?

These hoaxes are endless and they are disgusting.

But no. Instead, Cuomo says nothing, and the media buries the story.

Jews vandalize themselves, constantly, in order to promote the idea that they are being persecuted. Other “minorities” do the same bit. It just never ends.

It’s amazing that they just keep doing this, and just keep getting caught, and yet the media believes the story every single time.

If there was even a tiny molecule of honesty in the media, every single time there was vandalism against a synagogue, the media would say: “police are looking for a Jewish suspect, as Jews are typically the only group that vandalizes synagogues.”

Because it is just a fact.

Do you remember when the ADL made that huge mania over someone prank calling all of those synagogues and saying he was going to bomb them, then it turned out to be an Israeli? Do you know that the ADL then kept those incidents in their “2017 hate crimes database”?

The Jewish media accused me and many others of promoting an “anti-Semitic conspiracy theory” when it was happening and I said that I knew it was a Jew responsible. Then when President Trump said “it might be the reverse,” the Jews – including Jonathan Greenblatt himself – accused Trump of “promoting conspiracy theories.”

When it turned out I was right – the media dropped the whole thing.

They said the Jew who did it was “mentally ill” – but I will tell you, I am more than convinced he was working with the ADL itself, but there is no evidence of that, because the FBI dropped the investigation when Israel refused to extradite the prankster.

This is all just absurd.

We live in a world of total lies, and it is just simply exhausting.

It is exhausting in particular because the truth is always right in front of us, and so obvious, and it takes all of this energy to promote the lies.