It was about masks, goyim.


Don’t worry – this isn’t the first stage of outlawing Christianity completely in the West.


Police broke up a church service of around 150 worshippers in the town Herford, in the western state of North Rhine-Westphalia, on Saturday evening.

A police statement said more than 100 attendees were facing charges for violating coronavirus restrictions on congregating, social distancing and communal singing. Some of the individuals present, particularly the organizers, may face hefty fines.

Under Germany’s lockdown rules, up to 20 people can attend such services indoors, as long as hygiene and social distancing is adhered to.

According to police, the large group in Herford, which included children, were not wearing face masks or observing distancing regulations, and were singing at times.

Communal singing indoors is strictly forbidden due to evidence that suggests it produces contagion aerosols. Several choir events in Europe have been identified as superspreader events.

Germany’s strict lockdown through the December period saw many Christian festivities popularly enjoyed across the country canceled, such as Christmas markets, Advent rituals and nativity scenes.

There’s something very strange going on here, where the masses of peasants are incapable of grasping that a thing that is done for one purpose could actually be done for another purpose. People really need to get ahold of this concept, because “doing a thing while claiming a purpose, while actually having a totally different purpose” is the defining method through which this elite rules.

There is just no reason to give a straight explanation for what you’re doing when you can just as easily give a totally different explanation, that sounds more reasonable.

Boomers in particular have a big time problem with this concept. They will argue back and forth about if coronavirus is real, how dangerous it is, whether the government is lying and to what degree, but they can’t ever seem to ask: “are they doing all of this for some purpose other than the purpose they are stating?”

I was talking to a boomer who was talking about how in the end times of the Antichrist, they will outlaw Christianity, and I was like: “bro, look around, bro – Christianity is already almost entirely outlawed.”

And he was like, “you mean because of the lockdowns?”

And I was like, “no, not ‘because of the lockdowns,’ because Jews hate Christ. The lockdowns are just a stupid excuse fed to the goyim.”

If you read the Book of Revelation, and find that the government is going to close down churches – what do you picture happening? That they come in and say “I hereby decree that no more should you worship Christ, because we now worship the devil instead”?

Nothing is ever that obvious and straightforward and you were not told it would be obvious and straightforward. What we are seeing, right now, with our own eyes, is that police are raiding churches, and shutting down services. That is happening, right now. It is happening at breakneck speed, because churches and other places of worship is where people gather and discuss what’s going on in the world. It is where the first spark of motivation towards action begins.

They are tearing down statues of Christ. They are claiming that they’re tearing them down because of racial grievances against “White Jesus,” but what is the effect? The effect is, statues of Jesus are being torn down.

You need to start looking at the effects, and ignoring these various convoluted explanations, and understand that we are already in a time of outright and public persecution of Christians by a dominant Jewish ruling establishment.

This is your life and it is happening now, right in front of you.