No society can tolerate allowing women positions of power and influence.

They are simply too selfish, too self-absorbed, and too unable to grasp any kind of basic morality. They are indeed extremely stupid.

Everything will always be about them and how they feel, and every decision they make will be made based on how it benefits them.


A Chicago Teachers Union leader has landed herself in a storm of controversy by vociferously campaigning to keep schools closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic while she soaks up the sun on holiday in the Caribbean.

Union area vice president Sarah Chambers has been claiming that re-opening Chicago’s public schools next Monday would put students, teachers and the wider public at risk due to widespread Covid-19 infections.

But these apparent concerns for public health didn’t stop her jetting off to Puerto Rico, despite the small Caribbean island racking up over 110,000 cases of the coronavirus disease.

The union activist shared photos on her Instagram page showing her lounging by the pool as palm trees picturesquely sway in the breeze. Chambers subsequently took her Instagram account offline but not before her snaps drew the attention of local news sites including WGN-TV.

“We have the whole pool to ourselves. Then, we are going to old San Juan to get some yummy seafood mofongo,” Chambers reportedly said in the caption of one of the images.

Screengrabs documenting Chambers’ holiday were widely shared on social media and she was branded a “hypocrite” for jetting off to the sun while claiming it was “unsafe” for her to be teaching school children.

We should also probably note that women are not simply utterly self-centered beyond anything any man could ever comprehend, they are also literally dumber than Africans. Why would she post this all publicly? The only reason is “she is literally dumber than an African.”

In 2017, she was too stupid to know that calling the Israeli-Jew then Mayor of Chicago a “friend of bankers” was a canard.

She almost got fired for that, back then.

But with the vacation pics – she’s also driven by her own vanity to show off the pictures of herself, looking cute on the beach.

This is an extreme case, but it’s true of all of these stupid bitches taking a “moral stand” about reopening the schools they’re supposed to be working in: they are all just lazy.

Most of them are just sitting at home watching Netflix and eating.

People think I’m joking when I say “women should be ousted from society and locked in cages,” but actually, I’m not joking.