Racist cops are now giving innocent good boys the coronavirus.

They just be grabbin’ dem and din dey breev in dey fatses and gib dem dat virrrris.


Because of course they are.

This is real life and true reality, and you need to swallow it like a good goy. It’s not only totally real – it’s all your fault, personally.

ABC News:

A Black man who was detained by police in Virginia Beach, Virginia after being suspected for a crime he did not commit, has tested positive for the coronavirus, according to his fiancée, Shantel Covil.

Jamar Mackey, whose detainment was captured in a viral video, allegedly received a positive coronavirus test result on Christmas Eve — five days after being apprehended by a maskless police officer, according to Covil.

Mackey’s ordeal unfolded on Dec. 19 as he, Covil, and their 13-year-old son and baby were seated at a table in the Lynnhaven Mall food court eating lunch and “trying to enjoy the holidays.”

“And next, you know, I’m in handcuffs. No words, no explanation,” Mackey said.

In the video taken by Covil, a white Virginia Beach police sergeant is seen handcuffing Mackey as he sat at the table, saying, “I want to talk to you, OK?” and mentioning something about a suspect in a black truck.

“Y’all got the wrong person. We don’t even have a black truck,” Covil is heard in the video telling the sergeant, who was not wearing a protective mask.

The sergeant, according to the video, then told the visibly angry Mackey to stand up.

“You’re going to do this in public, make me walk outside in front of my family?” Mackey told the sergeant, who proceeded to grab onto Mackey’s arm and lead him through the crowded food court and out the front door, where they were met by other police officers, who were also not wearing masks.

Once outside, Mackey and Covil appealed to another white officer, telling him repeatedly that they have the wrong person. “Maybe you are the wrong person,” the officer responded, telling Mackey to “calm down” and “relax.”

After getting on his radio, the sergeant told Mackey that he was indeed the wrong man but briefly kept Mackey in handcuffs while saying “give me one minute” to explain.

Mackey demanded the handcuffs be removed immediately and the sergeant complied, telling Mackey that he matched the description of a credit card fraud suspect with dreadlocks and dressed all in black.

“I sincerely apologize. It was a complete misunderstanding,” the sergeant told Mackey, according to the video.

Covil, who filmed the video, told WAVY that Mackey took a COVID-19 test as a health precaution on Dec. 22. On Christmas Eve, the test came back positive she said, and that Mackey is currently quarantining at his home, with mild symptoms including a “low grade fever, a cough, and a sore throat.”

Yeah, okay, so, let me explain something: the reason these rockfish get wrongfully detained with some regularity is that nig nogs in general commit so many crimes with such regularity. It is actually that simple. There is nothing racist about this. It’s just that when you’re a cop, and you get “young black male with dreadlocks” as a description of a suspect, as you often will, it end up being detained.

White people are detained wrongfully at the same rate comparatively, I’m sure, it’s just that whites do not commit anywhere near the amount of crime that ooga boogas commit, so the total numbers are much lower.

This obviously sucks for law-abiding blacks (assuming there is such a thing, which I doubt, frankly), but that’s just life, and something that blacks should be able to understand.

(I hate to use such a stupid analogy, so I’ll put it in parenthesis, but in Thailand, where whites have a higher rate of crime than locals, and been questioned over a crime that another handsome fellow committed. It’s just the nature of reality that different people share physical characteristics, and thus might deal with a tiny bit of hassle if someone who looks like them goes and does something).

What these golliwogs are pushing for is the “911 terrorism rule,” upon which the TSA is based, wherein normal white people get treated as potential terrorists when getting on planes “because of fairness.” The Jewish media wants a situation where if there is a description of an African man committing a crime, everyone is considered a suspect. This obviously doesn’t make any sense, because even if you believe “race doesn’t exist,” you have to admit that physically, Africans look different. But they’re asking you to deny that and again, we do actually have the precedent of the TSA treating non-Moslems as potential airplane hijackers.

You knew that the coronavirus and black oppression media narratives were going to intersect at some point with “racist and evil white gives innocent and good black man the virus out of pure racial hatred.”

Well, now that’s happened and I hope you’re happy.