This is New York City, America on New Year’s Eve:

This is Wuhan, China (alleged “epicenter” of the coronavirus “pandemic”) on New Year’s Eve:

What can you say?

China has a reason to pretend that they “beat the virus.” What they actually did was stop testing for it, which means that no one knows that it exists. The virus does not increase the total number of deaths in a country, which means that the only way people know that it exists is due to testing.

If it were not for testing, all of these deaths would be attributed to the flu, to heart attacks, to various other diseases and conditions – as they always were before.

China isn’t going to come out and say “oh well, we just stopped testing, LOL.” They benefit from pushing the narrative that they “beat it.” It feeds the general “CHINA NUMBER ONE” narrative that the CCP pushes. But they didn’t do anything. They just stopped testing, and told people to go back to normal life. That’s all.

By the way – just so you understand – China NEVER did ANY lockdown, of the kind of lockdown we are familiar with. The original Wuhan lockdown was a city lockdown – they blocked the roads in and out. At that point, China was fearing that this was some kind of US bioweapon released on them. Then they figured out it was just the flu, and the only reason that they knew about it was that the West – it was the West – designed a test for them.

Whatever you say about the Chinese, they’re not trying to purposefully destroy their own country.

Frankly, after this massive betrayal by Tucker Carlson, where he refused to support Donald Trump, refused to press the election theft issue, I’ve looked back at what he’s been saying, and he promoted the most idiotic CIA conspiracy hoax about coronavirus, saying that the Chinese invented it in a lab.

Literally goyim-tier.

The truth is out there, it’s public, it’s not a secret, there is no reason to promote that sort of idiocy unless you’re a shill.

There is no mystery with any of this, for anyone who wants to know.