Bringing guns to political events is so stupid, and all it does is completely neuter your protest, making the entire thing about gun rights – which are under threat literally less than every other Constitutional right.

It also exponentially increases the risk of some kind of Charlottesville-tier disaster happening at your event, as well as make you very easily demonized.

And what exactly is the benefit? Does anyone even know? What is the meaning supposed to be?

If they’re not going to shoot people – and they’re not – then what are the guns supposed to mean?


Governor Chris Sununu of New Hampshire has called off the planned inauguration ceremony for himself and other state officials, saying there was ‘too much risk’ after an armed protester was arrested outside his house.

“On Monday evening an armed individual trespassing in my backyard was arrested carrying two dozen rounds of ammunition,” Sununu said on Wednesday afternoon. “Cancelling our outdoor inaugural ceremonies was not a decision we made easily, but it was the right decision to ensure the safety of my family and the public.”

Skylar Bennett, 38, was arrested on Monday and charged with criminal trespass and disorderly conduct at the event advertised as a “candlelight vigil for victims of the lockdown.” It was the latest in a series of protests that began on November 22, two days after Sununu – a Republican governing a state with a reputation for libertarian values – imposed a mask mandate indoors and outdoors in a bid to control the coronavirus spread.

“It’s clear this ordinance in Newfields was specifically to benefit King Sununu,” Bennett told AP, adding that people are protesting because the governor “closed the state.”

Sununu was not at home during the protest. He accused“armed protesters” of becoming “more aggressive” over the past several weeks, “targeting my family, protesting outside my private residence, and trespassing on my property.”

These “armed protests” originated on Facebook, and they are about one thing: superficially empowering men who have been disempowered by this system.

That is sad and all, but it serves no clear purpose, and it damages everyone’s cause. You’re not sympathetic when you show up to a political protest with a rifle. In fact, you just look like a menace.

I know people don’t understand this, and these guys that do it are just morons, but seriously: people need to start shouting them down and telling them to leave these events.

The lockdown is a serious issue – this is not something that a few morons should be allowed to make a joke out of.

When these people show up with rifles, they should be chased off.

There might be a time when serious people go out in the street with guns. If that time comes, it’s not going to be a silly costume event, so these jokers that are having fun with it now are not going to be there.