Firstly, I thought that we couldn’t talk about beauty as something objective anymore?

Does that rule stop when it’s the Jews?

Because of the masturbation machines and electric floors?

New York Post:

Meet Yael Shelbia, the Israeli stunner just crowned 2020’s winner of TC Candler’s annual “100 Most Beautiful Faces of the Year” list.

“I’ve never come first at anything … it’s very nice,” the 19-year-old, who is currently doing her mandatory military service in the Israeli air force, told the Times of Israel.

The hot model and fledgling actress is also No. 1 in at least one other person’s book: Shelbia is reportedly dating 35-year-old Brandon Korff, grandson of the late CBS and Viacom billionaire honcho Sumner Redstone, who was kicked out of Israel for blowing off COVID-19 quarantine rules this past spring when he secretly visited Shelbia.

I don’t actually know what TC Candler is, but whatever it is, it is a reason for every media outlet to say “LOOK AT THIS JEW WOMAN FROM THE IDF – AREN’T JEWS WONDERFUL???”

This meme of “sexy Israel soldiers” just makes me sick, as I’ve written about before.

This woman is only good looking by Jew standards. By normal human standards, she is just a typical skank with collagen-stuffed lips.

In many of the pictures of her one can find on an image search, she looks very frail and actually sickly and I happen to find thin/skinny women attractive. So, even by my standards, something is off here

She also has a sort of “otherworldly creature” vibe in some pictures.

And who even is she? Just some random IDF woman.

This is very obviously a situation where Jews said “we want to spread a media meme about how someone in the IDF is very attractive,” and then they went and tried to find the least repulsive of the bunch.

Jews believe they are better than you. They believe they are God’s chosen people. They promote that they are geniuses, by promoting Albert Einstein and Jonas Sulk as history’s greatest scientific minds. They promote their Hollywood directors as the most brilliant artists and now they have the nerve to claim to be the most beautiful people on earth.

What they are, in actuality, is a group of evil people who made a deal with Satan to murder Jesus Christ, and thus now have a special power over this world.