How exactly are the goyim supposed to interpret the fact that a convicted spy, who we sentenced to prison for life after he got caught, is greeted by the leader of Israel when he returns to his country?

What possible message can this send, other than “we support spying on the United States”?

New York Times:

Jonathan J. Pollard, the American who served 30 years in prison for spying for Israel in a Cold War-era espionage case that had been a thorn in relations between the two allies, arrived in Israel early Wednesday to a carefully staged, if relatively subdued, hero’s welcome from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The predawn scene unfolded with a camera rolling, as Mr. Netanyahu, who has just begun what will be a bitterly contested campaign leading to elections in March, met Mr. Pollard, who completed his parole last month, and his wife, Esther, at Ben-Gurion Airport near Tel Aviv.

The couple descended from a private jet, kissed the tarmac and recited a Jewish prayer of thanks reserved for new experiences. Mr. Netanyahu added one of his own, praising God for “releasing the bound” — though the prayer is ordinarily said upon waking to refer to freeing the worshiper from the bonds of sleep.

The prime minister then handed Mr. Pollard, who was granted Israeli citizenship in 1995 while in prison, an Israeli identification card.

“You’re home,” Mr. Netanyahu said.

A U.S. Navy intelligence analyst, Mr. Pollard gave a range of classified documents to Israel starting in 1984. His disclosures exposed the abilities of the American spy agencies, potentially damaged intelligence collection efforts and risked exposing secrets, C.I.A. and Defense Department officials said in classified documents prepared after his arrest.

What does someone who believes that “Israel is our greatest ally” think when they see this?

I can tell you exactly what he thinks: “hurr-durr durr durr durr, there goes God’s chosen ones, just taking care of themselves after those dastardly Germanics tried to masturbate them all to death, durr derp durr, I love Jews.”

Christian Zionists are actual human garbage. They are worse than Jews and they are absolutely evil.

An enemy of your people is something anyone can understand. All people, probably, have or at least have had enemies.

However – having your own people actually worship the enemy of your people? What even is that? I will tell you this: it’s not something that any group of people experienced, before the advent of Christian Zionism.

These people are blasphemers against Jesus, they are traitors to their race and nation, and they are going to hell for this. I promise you that: all of these people are going to burn in hell, forever.

Let that knowledge comfort you: they will stand before the throne of God, and He will judge them, and He will sentence them to eternal damnation, where they will literally burn for all of eternity.

What I do want to say is this: Christians could certainly learn something from the way that Jews take care of their people.