Covidiocy is on the rise, and as I indicated here in this article, mask-nagging/mask-policing will become more and more extreme and violent.

What you have just witnessed there in that video are a lot of things that are very concerning. To be honest with you guys, it is scary.

What is taking place in the above video is what was discussed in my previous article on covidocy, linked above, specifically:

Everyone has been deputized. Every moron has been equipped with a “moral bat of righteousness” and won’t hesitate to whack someone over the head with it. They will take any opportunity to demonstrate their moral superiority and beat it into our heads. This is emergency ethics being used against us. It is weaponized femininity — “safety” over reason and logic and freedom.

This too, applies to the women quoting the law and constitution.

Both parties are one and the same, in that they’ve both been deputized by the state and engaging in a form of strike and parry to determine who is more “righteous” in their role as deputy of the state.

I can tell you this: for certain, the elites are laughing at us and it is all retarded sick. It is all very alarming and concerning.

As I’ve indicated several times in other places and forums, that it is unfortunate that women are the catalysts for social change, but I never really expounded on what I meant.

It isn’t really lengthy, but women are the catalysts for social changes that are negative and not beneficial to all.

If you disagree with me, it is merely because you have not been paying attention.

Think of any historical occurrence for social change spearheaded by women that has benefitted society as a whole — as a collective — both men and women — and you will come to realize that there are none!

For example, women being able to vote has destroyed, not just America, but entire nations outside of America. They vote for mass immigration, for bigger government and government intervention, curtailing of free speech and Due Process, mass spending and just about anything that jives with, or furthers their preoccupation with “being nice”. This means they only vote for things they deem to serve their wants, desires and interests. Even if it means infringing on the rights of others.

The video is an illustration of how they are unable to process anything outside of their wants and desires. More importantly, they are unable to comprehend and process freedom.

The constitutionslist women do not comprehend that a business has the right to refuse service to anyone, who do not comply with the terms of service, and if you are to subscribe to government interventionism in the free market, it may be done, just as long as it does not infringe on the rights of those who fall under the protective categories. You may not discriminate on the ground of race, religion and gender, for example.

(This is specifically looking at the actual laws that are on the books. Whether or not one may agree with the laws, is a different conversation).

Whatever your position may be on mask requirements, non-mask wearers are not a protected class at this time.

Yet, these women will misuse the law to serve their selfish desires and agenda. They will cherry pick which law they want to enforce for refusal to wear a mask. They had an alternative; go elsewhere and refuse to patronize that place of business, taking a similar approach the business is taking in exercising their own freedoms.

The truth is, folks, under normal circumstances, any business that bullies its patrons in this manner while receiving push back from the public, will not be in business for long. However, these are not normal times, unfortunately, and the market is in favor of the delusional mask wearers. The owners of these businesses are going to cater to the majority that will bring them profit – mask-wearers or non-mask wearers. Currently, and again, unfortunately, it is the mask-wearers who will bring the profits. These constitutionalists just have to realize and accept this for now.

Keep in mind, it isn’t only the business personnel who are deputized, but also the patrons, and they will seek to impose mask-wearing on others.

Please do not misunderstand me! Wearing a mask is totally absurd and I am vehemently against it!

However, trying to convince people who do not know nor comprehend the science behind all of this is futile and a waste of time, not to mention, dangerous.

The people who call themselves the government and the ones who support the state (statist lemmings and retards (primarily women and emasculated men)) are a bunch of delusional fuckwits. We cannot take what they say as rational or intelligent, nor should we expect them to behave as such, because they have not dedicated their time to thinking any of this through, coupled with the fact that they are ignorant and are merely following the tune of the Piper to the detriment of us all. The problem with that is, they will not hesitate to use violence to impose their delusional nonsense on us!

One good thing the video shows is, there truly is power in numbers.