Here is an article shared with me this morning, which I find to be 100% accurate in articulating the psyche of the average WigNat, White Nationalist, Alt-Right larper. They do indeed represent the lowest tier of white society and the author accurately explains why. I can attest to everything being said here, to be accurate.


Metapolitics as masturbation

This is quite a claim, isn’t it? Because even a broken clock that has been smashed into pieces, set on fire, and thrown into a quarry still has bits that point in the general direction of Time. How is it possible for the Alt-Right to be even wronger than that?
The key is not data, because much of the data that the Alt-Right refers to is accurate and relevant. Yes 13% do commit 52%. Yes, in the absence of conventional monogamous societal norms backed up by a system of morality, 80% of the pussy gravitates to the top 10% of dick. Yes, under present trends America will become majority non-White by 2060. (Unless, of course, they redefine Whiteness to include “sub-Whites” like Weev, Andrew Anglin, Mike Enoch, and Striker, LOL.) So, no, I’m not talking about minor data points. Anyone can get that shit right. Where the Alt-Right is so irredeemably wrong is in how it reacts to data. Rather than coolly taking it in and passing it on to the rest of society, it reacts in a completely emotional way, substituting its viscera for its brain.
When you react in this piss-poor way, you effectively “bounce off” the data and end up going off in emotional tangents, which, more often than not, lead you to some very retarded places.  Everything becomes wrong because thoughts are perceived through feelz rather than brainz.

With emotion, as the British once understood, less is more, a lot more. It is the shrill note of emotional incontinence that is the characteristic texture, sound, and stench of the Alt-Right (and indeed much of the on-line-fueled, social-media-mentored Dissident Right today). This manifests as an all-pervading sense of butthurt, impotent lashing out, and arguing like girls about the most trivial and often semantic of things.
This should be no surprise, given that “Da Movement” is essentially made up of sub-Whites, sub-masculines, and sub-verticles (a.k.a. manlets). 

Sow the memes, reap the IRL-wind (part 94).
Let’s consider an example where the Alt-Right starts with good data but ends up chewing the scenery and converting no one.
Data: White Western fertility rates are under 1.5. 
What is the Alt-Right reaction to this? Essentially feelz. For example: memes about being blackpilled, snark, anger that must find an immediate scapegoat (almost always the Jews), feelings of sexual inadequacy, and of course bouts of pointless infighting characterised by Alinskyism (which, in this context means calling each other “incel” while also simping for e-THOTS and “real kweens,” or alternatively calling for some variant of White sharia).

In short, what we get is an emotional crapstorm that goes nowhere, wastes energy, creates a stink, and spawns a load of cheap grudges. It also works as a self-ghettoisation device, meaning that the critique implicit in the data is walled off from the rest of society.
<1.5 fertility is a genocidal figure, as it means that each generation is less than 75% the size of the previous one. This is something that, on its own, even blasé Leftists and anyone with any sense of objectivity should be concerned about, including those who think the World is overcrowded. Indeed, they probably would be—if they hadn’t seen who was talking about it in the social media psych-wing. Yes, the Alt-Right.

But <1.5 is not just a longer-term existential problem. On the lesser, year-on-year level at which our essentially blind chronocentric society operates, <1.5 is a problem because it undermines the all-important Idol of Mammon that we call “economic growth.” 
Whatever trite expression they use to justify mass immigration—e.g. “diversity is our strength,” “a wonderful range of restaurants,” “hideous whiteness,” “rub their faces in it,” etc.—it is essentially a “top up” for a society that can’t replace its working parts adequately from its own reproductive organs. And part of the reason it can’t do this is because the Alt-Right—and before it various forms of Nationalism and White nationalism—have all failed. And they have failed because they have made it all about the feelz.

The entire Alt-Right in 5 years.
Feelz feeds on failure and failure feeds on feelz. Symbiosis.

Because the Alt-Right (and much of the Dissident Right) struggles to embrace modernity, it is condemned to react to it in an over-emotional way, and, in the process, make modernity even worse. Its data is often sound, but its emotional incontinence toxifies the insights implicit the data for the rest of society.

Crude hatred of the immigrant, who is, more often than not, someone struggling to work hard and fit in, combined with pathetic simping for the feminism-corrupted White woman, and the usual scapegoating of the mythical “Super Jew” have become the full spectrum of the Alt-Right’s teary and hysterical response to low Western fertility and the Death of the West. 

Yes, the basic facts, the numbers, and much of the data are all good and solid, but, like a rubber ball, the Alt-Righter merely bounces off this factual level, right up into the death zone of emotional incontinence, screeching like a departing Doppler effect as he does so—no threat to anybody and no help to himself or his race.