This is not good news at all, frankly.

This bill has none of the things that Real President had demanded – it does not have $2000, and it does not have a repeal of CDA Section 230 to change the way speech is regulated on the internet. It also does not have an investigation of voter fraud.


President Donald Trump signed the massive $2.3 trillion dollar coronavirus relief and government funding bill into law Sunday night, averting a government shutdown that was set to begin on Tuesday, and extending billions of dollars in coronavirus aid to millions.

Trump’s signature of the $900 billion Covid relief package extends unemployment benefits for millions of jobless gig-workers and independent contractors, as well as the long-term unemployed.

The estimated 12 million people in two key pandemic unemployment programs, who were facing their last payment this weekend, will now receive benefits for another 11 weeks. Plus, all those collecting jobless payments will receive a $300 weekly federal boost through mid-March.

The Covid-19 relief legislation was passed by Congress on Monday and was flown to Mar-a-Lago on Thursday to await Trump’s signature. But after sitting on the sidelines during the negotiations, Trump emerged with an eleventh-hour complaint that a separate provision in the deal, which the President’s own White House helped broker, would only provide up to $600 in direct payments. Trump wanted to send out $2,000 checks. Trump also took umbrage with certain items that were actually from the omnibus spending package and which he had requested in his annual budget to Congress.

Trump signaled in a statement Sunday night that he signed the coronavirus relief bill only after securing a commitment for the Senate to consider legislation to increase stimulus checks from $600 to $2,000. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, however, did not reference that commitment in his own statement Sunday night praising the President for signing the relief bill.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had seized on Trump’s call for $2,000 checks last week and brought to the floor a standalone bill that would have boosted the amount for relief checks on Thursday. House Republicans, however, objected to the bill over deficit concerns.

The Democratic-led House is set to vote on the expansion of the direct payments on Monday.

Calling the President’s signing of the relief bill “welcome news” for Americans whose benefits had lapsed, Pelosi said in a statement Sunday that Trump should “immediately call” on Republicans “to end their obstruction and to join him and Democrats in support of our stand-alone legislation to increase direct payment checks to $2,000.”

Trump also claimed that the Senate will consider legislation that “repeals Section 230, and starts an investigation into voter fraud,” though it is not clear what that legislation would be.

Yeah, there isn’t going to be any separate legislation.

This was the chance to get those things passed, and Trump has skipped out on that.

Many Qtards and boomercons insist on the retarded “Trust the Plan” bullshit. Even /pol/ is infiltrated with this crap and has gone full retard.

I find it alarmingly easy to convince myself that Trump might be a high functioning retard. He tweeted: “When It Is All Over – WE WILL WIN!”

Six months from now, he’ll be tweeting the same thing, only with, “Biden is fake President” added to it. Fuck. This fucking guy…

I’m not chiming in too much anymore. Too much talk and not enough action at this point. I’m still on board with DT but without measurable results, I can’t be on the rollercoaster.

Qtards are posting about what a bunch of faggots we are for being over with Trump.

I’ve seen this in several places now. Q-Tard Facebook tier “Trust the Plan” bullshit. These fucking boomers are so god damn stupid.

As I expected:

🚨 – President Trump signed a bill to extend unemployment benefits and avert a government shutdown, Republican sources tell Axios.

What to watch: While Trump signed the current bill, which provides for $600 checks for most Americans, he will continue his push to bring that amount to $2,000, according to two sources familiar with the planning.

Why it matters: Trump’s delay in signing the $900 billion coronavirus relief bill and $1.4 trillion government funding measure caused unemployment benefits for millions of Americans to lapse overnight. It also risked a government shutdown.

It doesn’t really change anything. The situation is the same as it was for the last nine months: the only way for Trump to retain his legal presidency is to declare martial law.

As soon as the Democrats passed the laws allowing for mail-in voting, his only choice was always martial law, because they were always going to hoax this election.

He might still do that. Who knows. I don’t know.

But I wouldn’t count on it. If I were you, I would act as though Joe Biden is going to assume office on January 20, and prepare for all the hell that this implies.