There are two separate things going on:

  1. The government is doing weird things, to make everything weird, and
  2. People are responding to this weirdly, and doing weird things.

It’s hard to know which is which.

Police are saying now that before bombing Nashville, Tennessee, the loaded-up RC played Petula Clark’s 1965 hit “Downtown.”

This is kinda funny. But did he mean it to be funny?

Life is making me lonely, for sure.

I wish I could go downtown.

I’ll bet things would be great.

But that shit is locked the hell down, frankly.

There’s a virus, mate.

Oy vey!

FBI agents named 63-year-old Anthony Quinn Warner as a “person of interest” on Saturday, and raided his house in Antioch, Tennessee. It’s not clear if he is alive, but he’s missing and there were human remains in the explosion. The police are just letting this kind of information drip out.

The explosion was outside of the AT&T building, which is apparently the reason that the media and police were spreading rumors that he was paranoid about 5G.

But as I’ve said, he also bombed Hooters, and it’s just as likely that he was angry about the fact that all of the skanks at Hooters are now fat and/or black.